Tragic Pune Porsche Accident: Father Arrested, Bars Sealed, and Justice Calls Grow Stronger


The community in Pune, Maharashtra, is in shock and sadness following a horrific tragedy that took the lives of two young IT engineers. There have been shockwaves across the city and beyond following the incident involving a fast Porsche that was reportedly driven by a 17-year-old. Recent findings provide insight on the circumstances preceding and following the deadly incident as police continue their investigation.

Porsche accident in Pune

Unfolding Misfortune: The Porsche Mishap

At the crack of dawn on a fateful Sunday, catastrophe hit Pune’s busy Kalyani Nagar neighbourhood. Anis Awadhiya and Ashwini Costa, both 24, were hit by a speeding luxury automobile while returning home on their motorcycles following a night out with friends. The two young engineers died tragically when their Porsche, driven by a 17-year-old, collided with the motorbikes.

Arrests and Sealed Bars: The Fallout

Authorities responded quickly to deal with the accident’s aftermath as the community lamented the deaths of Awadhiya and Costa. The 17-year-old driver’s father, Vishal Agarwal, was taken into custody and subsequently placed under arrest in the town of Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar in central Maharashtra. Public outcry over the event and increasing pressure have led to his arrest.

Authorities not only arrested Agarwal but also prosecuted businesses for allegedly providing alcohol to underage patrons. The young motorist was said to have drunk alcohol before the collision, thus the Excise Department sealed Cosie Bar and Black Bar per the Pune District Collector’s order.

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Consequences for Law and Public Opinion

The Juvenile Justice Board’s quick decision to allow the young driver bail caused a great deal of debate and backlash. The board’s choice to free the accused after just 15 hours in incarceration, in spite of the seriousness of the allegations, sparked concerns about the apparent leniency in the legal system.

Devendra Fadnavis, the deputy chief minister of Maharashtra, expressed reservations with the board’s light sentence, expressing the views of several members of the public who are calling for responsibility and justice for the victims and their families.

Seeking Redress: Demanding Accountability

The families of Ashwini Costa and Anis Awadhiya are in shock and sadness, demanding harsh retribution for those accountable for their loved ones’ untimely deaths. They stress the necessity for accountability on the part of the accused minor as well as his parents, whom they blame for the accident’s disastrous results.

Road to Recuperation: Takeaways

It is a sobering reminder of the perils of irresponsible driving and underage alcohol consumption while the Pune Porsche accident inquiry is ongoing. The tragedy emphasises the necessity for increased awareness and education about safe driving practices on the roads, as well as the need of implementing tight restrictions to prevent such accidents in the future.

Call for Accountability: Public Uproar

Following the horrific Porsche accident in Pune, the community has loudly called for responsibility and justice. Individuals from all walks of life have come together to show their solidarity for the bereaved families of Ashwini Costa and Anis Awadhiya, and to demand that those culpable for the tragedy be held completely accountable. Day by day, the cries for justice become more and more loud, acting as a devastating reminder of the urgency of taking prompt, clear action in the face of such senseless tragedy.


In Pune, the community joins together to mourn the death of two bright young lives and to seek justice for the victims and their families as the city struggles with the repercussions of the horrific Porsche accident. The expectation that lessons will be learned and actions made to stop such tragedies from happening in the future will persist while investigations and legal cases move forward.

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