Shocking Porsche Accident: Pune Police Pursue Victim Justice


Ashwini Koshta and Aneesh Awadhiya, two young IT engineers, were killed in the early hours of a tragic Sunday in Pune when their motorbike and a speeding Porsche driven by a 17-year-old without a licence plate crashed. This terrible tragedy has led to a number of legal and social issues, which is indicative of the community’s rising worries about juvenile justice and the effects of nightlife on safety in the area. Amitesh Kumar, the commissioner of Pune Police, has been leading the charge, confronting rumours and highlighting the gravity of the police’s investigation.

Porsche accident in Pune

The Crash of Porsche: A Sad Collision

Around 2:30 in the morning, there was an accident at the Kalyani Nagar intersection in Yerwada. The 24-year-olds Aneesh Awadhiya and Ashwini Koshta were riding their motorcycles when they were struck by a Porsche that was reportedly being driven at a high pace by a child. The victims died instantly as a consequence of the hit, which was so strong that it sent them flying. Public indignation was heightened when a video of the collision went viral and revealed the Porsche to be without its number plates.

Law enforcement’s efforts to apply harsh charges and legal actions
Section 304 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which deals with culpable homicide that does not equal to murder, is the charge under which Pune Police have accused the kid. The seriousness with which the police are handling the matter is demonstrated by this accusation. Because of the horrific nature of the crime, the authorities are pressing for an adult trial even though the accused is a kid. But this request was originally turned down by the lower court.

Porsche accident in Pune

Commissioner Amitesh Kumar has stated that he is determined to ensure that the victims receive justice, and as such, he has filed an appeal with the Bombay High Court against the ruling of the lower court. “We actually requested that the court try him as an adult, but the court denied our request,” the man said. We are currently thinking about requesting that the lower court’s ruling be overturned at the Bombay High Court.

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Conjectures Regarding the Accused’s Age

Regarding the accused’s actual age, there have been a lot of rumours. There are many who speculate that he may be older than eighteen, which would drastically alter the court case. In response to these worries, Commissioner Kumar stated that the police had confirmed the information provided in the paperwork, which shows the accused is underage. He did, however, reassure that the police are willing to double-check these records, including departure certificates and school transfer paperwork, to make sure they are accurate.

Community Issues: The Effect of Bar Culture on Residents’ Grievances

    Concerns about the local bar culture in Kalyani Nagar have grown as a result of the occurrence. Many people think that one major contributing factor to these terrible incidents is the area’s nightlife, which has grown to be a major annoyance. Commissioner Kumar expressed his acknowledgment of these worries by saying, “If it were up to me, pub culture would not be allowed in this area.” The excise office and the district customs office, not the police, are the ones who provide permission to run these bars.

    The police have implemented a mandated 1:30 am pub closure hour in response to these worries. In order to reduce disruptions, Kumar stated that while bars used to remain open until 1:30 am, the external restriction for alcohol service is now firmly enforced at that time.

    A Complicated Laws Interaction

    This case demonstrates the intricate relationships that exist between community safety, parental accountability, and juvenile justice. The drive to trial the youngster as an adult is a reflection of the rising belief that serious crimes, regardless of the age of the offender, should be faced with harsh legal consequences. The Juvenile Justice Act’s participation highlights the legal obligations of parents and places that serve alcohol.

    Porsche accident in Pune

    More Comprehensive Talks About Community Safety

    More extensive conversations on neighbourhood safety and the effects of nightlife on locals have been triggered by the disaster. It calls into question the suitability of the laws as they stand as well as the efficiency of the procedures that implement them. The police’s aggressive approach to enforce closure times and looking into all parties involved suggests a commitment to addressing these concerns comprehensively.


    The Porsche incident and the deaths that followed serve as a sobering reminder of the negative effects of careless behaviour and the necessity of strictly enforcing the law. The community is still involved in the judicial process, fighting for tighter nightlife laws and safer streets while still demanding justice for the victims. The way the Pune police handled this case is probably going to establish a standard for treating similar cases going forward, highlighting the necessity of taking a fair and balanced approach to juvenile justice, community safety, and responsibility.

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