Gujarat Man Transforms 2008 Honda Civic into Lamborghini Replica


A Gujarati YouTuber named Tanna Dhaval has been making waves on the internet with his amazing conversion of a 2008 Honda Civic into a carbon copy of the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio electric concept car. It’s an amazing feat of engineering and ingenuity. This ambitious effort has captivated the interest of car fans and demonstrated the possibility of inventive and clever engineering at a cost of about ₹12.5 lakh, or about $15,000.

2008 Honda Civic transformed into lamborghini

The Start of a Valiant Initiative of transforming 2008 Honda Civic into Lamborghini

Tanna Dhaval approached this project with a lot of enthusiasm and a clear goal. He began with a 2008 Honda Civic 1.8 and painstakingly worked over the course of more than a year to turn the little car into a beautiful yellow vehicle that mimics the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio. This was a difficult but rewarding trip, and Dhaval shared his progress with the world by posting detailed updates on each stage of the procedure on his YouTube channel.

Process of Transformation

Goal and First Actions

Dhaval’s adventure started when he bought a 2008 Honda Civic 1.8, a dependable and well-liked vehicle with a reputation for dependability and performance. But Dhaval had far bigger plans than the initial plan. He started locating the numerous elements required to create the desired appearance of the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio by using the Civic’s engine and accessories.

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Constructing the Chassis and Frame

Making a unique metal frame or chassis was one of the biggest obstacles in the change. Just one of these components cost more than ₹1 lakh. To fit the new body form and style cues of the Lamborghini copy, the frame had to be meticulously crafted.

Work and Expenses

A 2008 Honda Civic had to be extensively labor-intensively modified in order to resemble a Lamborghini. Dhaval paid around ₹3 lakh for labour expenses. The project came to a total cost of about ₹12.5 lakh, which is a substantial expenditure for a personal project but far less than the price of an actual Lamborghini Terzo Millennio.

Overcoming Obstacles with Creativity

Finding the Correct Parts

Finding wheels that nearly resembled a Lamborghini was one of Dhaval’s main problems. In spite of this challenge, he was able to produce a convincing duplicate by identifying appropriate substitutes and implementing the required modifications.

Personalised Stickers and Logos

Dhaval proudly positioned a unique Lamborghini sticker insignia on the car’s hood to further accentuate the originality of his project. This minor but important feature gave the car’s overall appearance more credibility.

Window Adjustments

Dhaval also came up with a creative solution by using acrylic sheets covered in a black film for the windows rather than real glass. These windows are not able to be opened, but they are an affordable way to get the required appearance.

Comprehensive Guide on YouTube

Using a series of films posted on his YouTube account, Dhaval painstakingly recorded every step of the metamorphosis process. These movies provide viewers an in-depth look at the difficulty and ingenuity needed in such a project by providing a step-by-step tour to his approaches, obstacles, and answers. His audience has been captivated by this documentation, which has also encouraged other car aficionados to take on related undertakings.

The Last Words: Pride in the Nation and Individual 

Tributes to George Russell

Dhaval altered the car’s rear end and placed a “63” badge there as a tribute to British racer George Russell. This particular touch not only gives the car a unique look, but it also links it to the larger world of motorsports and superior automobile design.

Taking Up National Pride

Dhaval’s initiative demonstrates both his pride in his country and his technological prowess. He designed the automobile with the Indian tricolour in mind, highlighting the use of locally available materials and inventive, economical engineering, or “jugaad.” “Lamborghini is an Italian company, but our India’s flag should also be there,” Dhaval said with pride, pointing at the tricolours affixed to the car.


An incredible illustration of what can be accomplished with drive, imagination, and a desire to take on problems is Tanna Dhaval’s conversion of a 2008 Honda Civic into a replica Lamborghini Terzo Millennio. His project showcases his technical expertise as well as the wider range of options available to DIY engineers and auto enthusiasts.

Dhaval’s YouTube channel offers a thorough look at the entire procedure for those who want to observe the metamorphosis in greater detail. His art never fails to captivate and inspire audiences, demonstrating that remarkable things are possible when one is willing to put in the necessary effort and creativity.

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