Shocking Clues in the Pune Porsche Taycan Accident: Builder’s Part Exposed


Two young techies were tragically killed in a high-speed Porsche Taycan tragedy that shocked Pune. Not only has the tragedy brought attention to a youngster’s irresponsible driving, but it has also highlighted the serious irresponsibility of a well-known builder who let his minor son drive the fancy automobile. This article explores the specifics of the collision, the resulting legal dispute, and the wider ramifications of that kind of careless conduct.


The Night of Death held by Porsche Taycan in Kalyaninagar

A seventeen-year-old lad who shouldn’t have been at the wheel of a Porsche Taycan was doing so on a fatal night in Kalyaninagar, Pune. After spending the night out at the neighbourhood bars, the youngster lost control of the automobile and collided with a motorbike. Two techies from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh named Anish Awadhia and Ashwini Kosta were killed instantaneously in the crash. In addition to leaving the community in shock and grief, the horrifying catastrophe has called into question parental responsibility and the application of the laws against underage drinking and driving.

Builder Incompetence: A Crucial Aspect

According to the police inquiry, the terrible occurrence was mostly caused by the teenager’s father, a well-known builder in Pune. The builder had given his driver clear instructions to let his son to operate the Porsche Taycan if he so wished, according to Inspector Ganesh Mane of Crime Branch Unit IV, who testified in court. Despite the father’s initial assertions that the automobile was intended just for him, this disclosure was made. This was confirmed by the driver’s statement, which said that he had reported the teenager’s insistence on driving to the builder. Ignoring the risks, the builder gave the driver the order to let his son take the wheel and sit in the seat next to him.

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The builder was charged with officially allowing his minor son to drive without a licence or appropriate instruction, leading to his detention. The father made attempts to disrupt the inquiry after the collision by trying to avoid police contact, lying to the authorities about his location, and even buying a new phone and SIM card. After some time, he was located in a lodge in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar and returned to Pune to be questioned in more detail.


Along with the builder, two workers at the Blak Marriott bar, Jayesh Satish Gavkar and Nitesh Dhanesh Shevani, were also taken into custody for allegedly giving alcohol to the young man and his companions. To provide time for a comprehensive investigation, the court remanded all three of the accused to the custody of the police until May 24.

The Role of Alcohol: The Risks of Underage Drinking

The discovery that the boy and his pals had been given alcohol at two separate bars the night before the collision added even more sadness to the situation. Because they served alcohol to minors, employees of the Cosie bar and the Blak Marriott have been detained by the police. This has led to a wider conversation concerning the enforcement of the rules governing the sale of alcohol to minors and the obligations placed on businesses to make sure they do not serve customers who are too young.

The Wider Consequences: Responsibility and Parenting

Significant questions about parental responsibility and the impact of wealth on behaviour have been brought to light by this case. The builder shows a flagrant contempt for the law and public safety by letting his little son operate a powerful car like the Porsche Taycan even though he is aware of the hazards. The subject of how to stop similar behaviour in the future and the responsibility of parents in establishing limits for their kids has been brought up by this incidence.

Need of Tighter Implementation of Laws

This unfortunate incident has also highlighted the necessity for rules prohibiting underage alcohol use and driving to be enforced more strictly. To ensure that such situations don’t happen again, authorities must respond swiftly. Important first steps in this approach include making sure that businesses follow the law when it comes to supplying alcohol to minors and that parents are aware of the grave repercussions of letting their little children operate a motor vehicle.


For many, the Porsche Taycan incident in Pune served as a wake-up call. It has brought to light important concerns about underage driving, supplying alcohol to minors, and the roles that parents and businesses play in averting these kinds of accidents. The community is counting on the judicial system to hold those guilty accountable and to put policies in place that will stop such tragedies from happening again while the legal processes are ongoing.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on available sources and may not be 100% accurate.

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