Lexus Lowers Prices in a Brutal Market to Increase EV Sales


In an attempt to boost demand in the midst of a faltering market for electric vehicles, Lexus has aggressively reduced prices on a large portion of its electric and hybrid portfolio in the UK. Toyota’s luxury automobile brand has slashed thousands of pounds off the price of many models. The most notable example is the entry-level UX 300e, which now starts at £40,795 following a £7,100 price reduction. This price increase is a result of shifting sales dynamics and a challenging shift to zero-emission automobiles in the UK auto sector.

Lexus cut prices

Lexus’s role in the UK’s Difficult EV Market Environment

Significant obstacles have been facing the UK’s new automobile industry, especially in the private sales sector. Even though total auto sales increased by a meagre 1.1% in 2023, a 14% increase in fleet sales was the main driver of this gain. Sales of private automobiles, however, fell sharply by 15.3%. This contradiction highlights the challenges that buyers have when switching to electric cars, such as increased initial expenses, range anxiety, and a lack of adequate charging infrastructure.

Lexus strategically responded to these market conditions by lowering prices. Lexus wants to grow its market share and draw in more customers by lowering the price of its electric and hybrid cars. The UK Government’s Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate, which mandates that by 2024, twenty-two percent of a car manufacturer’s sales must be electric cars, is expected to be met by the brand with this step.

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A Hefty Discount on the Entry-Level EV, the Lexus UX 300e
The brand’s entry-level electric SUV, the Lexus UX 300e, has the biggest price drop. The UX 300e, which was once going to cost a much more, is now starting at £40,795 after being heavily discounted by £7,100. With this modification, the UX 300e is now more competitive in the growing EV market and more affordable for a wider variety of buyers.

Lexus RZ 450e: An Advantage in the Market for Luxury EVs
Although it is less expensive than the UX 300e, the bigger and more opulent RZ 450e also benefits from a price cut. After a £2,100 reduction in price, the new amount is £57,895. By making this change, the RZ 450e should be more competitive with other high-end electric SUVs, providing prospective customers with a more alluring package in terms of features and pricing.

Hybrid Models: NX 450h+ and RX 450h+ Price Adjustments
Prices for Lexus’s well-liked hybrid cars have also been lowered. The price of the well-liked battery-electric hybrid NX 450h+ has dropped from £54,950 to £49,995. Comparably, the starting price of the top RX 450h+ has dropped from £67,100 to £63,995. Because of these decreases, these models become more attractive to eco-aware buyers who want to lessen their carbon footprint but aren’t yet ready to fully convert to electric vehicles.

LBX Hybrid: No Newcomer Price Reduction

It’s interesting to note that there is one Lexus model that has not had its price dropped. The LBX, a recently released hybrid that debuted at £29,995 earlier this year, is still available. This choice implies that Lexus thinks the LBX’s value proposition is still strong and that it can be purchased at a competitive price without the need for further incentives.

Strategic Consequences of Lexus’s Price Reductions

The Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate by the UK government is one of the factors influencing Lexus’s pricing reductions. According to this rule, a car manufacturer’s sales in 2024 must include 22% of electric vehicles. Lexus hopes to increase its EV sales proportion and more easily satisfy the mandate by lowering the price of its EVs. With electric cars accounting for around 30% of sales at the moment, Lexus is well-positioned to meet its regulatory goals.

What’s ahead for Lexus in the UK?

In the UK, Lexus is headed for a record-breaking year despite market headwinds in general. In the first half of 2024, the firm has already sold 8,000 automobiles, easily surpassing the record of 15,963 units set the previous year. It is possible that the latest price reductions may spur even more sales, making this the company’s finest year ever in the UK.

In the automobile business, there is a growing trend of manufacturers placing more emphasis on electric and hybrid cars, which is reflected in Lexus’s strategy. To remain competitive and relevant, automakers must modify their business models in response to growing legislative constraints and consumer preferences for more environmentally friendly solutions.


In short, Lexus made a daring and calculated choice to reduce pricing on a large portion of its electric and hybrid portfolio in order to solve a number of issues facing the current car industry. Lexus wants to make its cars more affordable so that it can fulfil stricter regulations, increase market share, and facilitate the switch to zero-emission vehicles.

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