Hyundai Motor Breaks Sales Records ahead of $3 Billion IPO


In the first half of 2024, the well-known South Korean carmaker Hyundai Motor Co. had extraordinary success in India. Data from the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations of India (FADA) shows that the business sold an astounding 272,207 vehicles from January to June, up 2% over the same time in 2023. Hyundai’s ambitious ambitions, which include an important $3 billion initial public offering (IPO) for its Indian unit, are made possible by this milestone. In this piece, we explore the reasons for Hyundai’s sales records, its place in the market, and the potential effects of its initial public offering on the Indian car industry.

Hyundai Motor’s Outstanding Sales Results

Hyundai Motor’s sales in India hit a new high of 272,207 units in the first half of 2024. This accomplishment represents a 2 percent rise over the 266,760 units sold during the same time in 2023. Notably, Hyundai’s first-half sales total in the Indian market is the highest it has ever been. Additional information from the company’s investor relations page showed that during January to May 2024, its Indian facility sold 259,659 units locally.

Market Position and Share of Competition

Hyundai maintained its position as the second-largest player in the sector, after Maruti Suzuki, with a 13.8 percent market share in the Indian passenger vehicle market during the first half of the year, despite the remarkable sales figures. Third place went to Tata Motors, then Toyota Motor and Kia. But over the previous three years, Hyundai’s market share has gradually decreased, falling from 17% in 2021 to 14.1 percent in 2023.

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Elements That Have Contributed to Hyundai’s Success

Hyundai has performed well in India due to a number of factors, including:

  1. Product Line: Hyundai has served a broad customer base in India with its varied line of automobiles, which includes SUVs and small cars. Sales of well-liked models including the Hyundai Creta, Venue, and i20 have continuously increased.
  2. Technological Developments: Hyundai has led the way in introducing cutting-edge technology into their cars. Indian buyers have responded favourably to features like fuel-efficient engines, enhanced safety systems, and linked automobile technologies.
  3. Robust Brand Presence: Hyundai has established a strong brand presence in India over the years. Strong after-sales care, a large dealer network, and efficient marketing techniques have all boosted the company’s standing and devoted clientele.
  4. Economic Factors: The demand for passenger cars has been driven by India’s expanding middle class and rising disposable income. Hyundai is a popular option among consumers due to its capacity to provide value for the money.

Hyundai’s Intended Public Offering: A Wise Step?

Hyundai said last month that it has filed for a Rs 25,000 crore ($3 billion) initial public offering (IPO) through its Indian affiliate. This action is interpreted as a calculated attempt to increase its visibility and competitiveness in the quickly expanding Indian vehicle industry. Hyundai is anticipated to get the financial resources required from the IPO to grow its business, improve the range of products it offers, and make investments in cutting-edge technology.

Observations and Expectations from the Industry

Keeping a close eye on Hyundai’s IPO preparations, industry analysts speculate about how the proposal would affect the company’s standing in the market. It is expected that Hyundai’s visibility and trust among investors and customers alike would rise with its listing on the Indian stock market. Hyundai intends to fight more fiercely with both domestic and foreign opponents in the Indian market, and this step may help them establish a larger presence there.

Hyundai Motor’s Principal Production Centre at India

For Hyundai Motor, India is an essential worldwide industrial base. The manufacturer manufactured 765,000 automobiles in the nation in 2023. This emphasises how crucial India is to Hyundai’s worldwide strategy. The company’s choice to begin its initial public offering (IPO) in India, indicating its long-term dedication and expansion objectives, serves as another evidence of the Indian market’s importance.


An important turning point in Hyundai Motor’s history will be its upcoming initial public offering (IPO) and record sales in India. The South Korean carmaker has used its strong brand, cutting-edge goods, and calculated measures to effectively negotiate the challenges of the Indian market. Hyundai hopes to strengthen its position and spur expansion in one of the car markets with the fastest rate of development in the world as it gets ready to go public with its Indian division.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on publicly available sources and may not be 100% accurate.

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