Volvo EX30 to Transform EV Market in India by 2025


With the introduction of the much awaited Volvo EX30 in 2025, Volvo, the Swedish automaker, is poised to create a stir in the Indian EV industry. Volvo has an ambitious strategy to become a totally electric brand by the end of this decade, and this entry-level electric SUV is a major step towards that goal. The EX30 is positioned to provide Indian customers with a cutting-edge and environmentally friendly choice in the luxury SUV market, as part of a larger plan to launch one new EV annually.

Volvo EX30

Launch of Volvo EX30: A commitment to sustainability

Volvo has made a strong case for why it is imperative that we switch to battery-powered electric cars (BEVs). The company’s emphasis on sustainability was highlighted during a recent media roundtable by Martin Persson, Head of Volvo Cars for Asia Pacific (excluding China). “The EX30 is our most sustainable car ever,” he said, noting that it has a far smaller CO2 impact than previous models. Price is obviously one factor, but I believe those who care about the environment will find it appealing.

The wide use of sustainable materials inside and out of the EX30 is a testament to this dedication. The automobile has the least carbon footprint of any Volvo model to date thanks to careful design and production techniques that reduce environmental effect.

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Evolution of Volvo’s EV Line-up

Volvo’s electrification adventure in India started in 2022 with the introduction of the XC40 Recharge, which was succeeded by the C40 Recharge last year. In the Indian luxury EV industry, these cars have raised the bar for sustainability, performance, and design. Volvo hopes to build on this success by introducing the EX30, the first subcompact electric SUV in the premium market, to broaden its offering.

Volvo intends to debut the EX90 in the Indian market in addition to the EX30, albeit a precise launch date has not yet been announced. Volvo’s commitment to spearheading the transition to electric transportation in India is demonstrated by this methodical strategy to growing its EV selection.

Volvo EX30: Features and Design

The Volvo EX30 is made to meet the demands of contemporary customers who value sustainability above all else without sacrificing performance or elegance. A closed-off grille with the recognisable Volvo emblem and LED daytime running lights fashioned like Thor Hammers are characteristics of its simple external appearance. Air dams and the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) radar are housed in the front bumper, which improves both appearance and functionality.

Up to 20-inch aerodynamic alloy wheels with black paint on the A, B, and C pillars as well as the roof adorn the sides of the EX30. A touch of elegance and modernity is added to the back with linked LED tail lamps that have a stylish C-shaped design that was inspired by larger Volvo SUVs like the XC60 and XC90.

Volvo EX30 interior

Interior of the Volvo EX30

The inside of the EX30 has vertically oriented air conditioning vents, a contemporary 3-spoke steering wheel, and a dual-tone dashboard upholstered in black and denim. In addition to offering several themes, including two dual-tone options, the cabin’s centrepiece is a single, 12.3-inch vertically oriented display. The luxury and pleasant driving experience is ensured by features like dual-zone temperature control, wireless phone charging, a 9-speaker Harman Kardon sound system, heated front seats, and a steering wheel.

Advanced Features and Safety

Volvo’s design philosophy has always placed a strong emphasis on safety, and the EX30 is no exception. Globally, the EX30 is fitted with an array of cutting-edge safety technologies, such as several airbags, an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), a 360-degree camera, and a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). This package of technology, which guarantees peace of mind for both drivers and passengers, includes collision avoidance systems, park assist, and driver attentiveness alerts.

Cost and Place in the Market

The Volvo EX30 will be the most reasonably priced electric SUV in the company’s range when it launches in India, likely costing about Rs 50 lakh (ex-showroom). With its aggressive price, the EX30 presents itself as a direct competitor to the Hyundai Ioniq 5, as well as a high-end substitute for vehicles like as the BYD Seal and Atto 3 SUV.

Volvo Road Ahead in India

Volvo’s commitment to the Indian market is demonstrated by its strategic strategy to launch one new electric vehicle (EV) year. This strategy not only complies with worldwide electrification trends, but it also meets India’s expanding need for environmentally friendly transportation options.

Volvo has sold more over 1,000 BEVs in India since the XC40 Recharge’s 2022 introduction, securing a commanding 23% market share in the premium EV class. In 2023, the luxury market in India witnessed sales of about 45,000 units, of which EVs accounted for 7%. This ascending trend highlights Indian customers’ growing acceptance of and desire for electric automobiles.


The Indian EV industry is expected to undergo a revolutionary shift with the release of Volvo’s EX30 in 2025. The EX30 epitomises Volvo’s vision for the future of transportation with its emphasis on sustainability, cutting-edge technology, and affordable price. Volvo’s commitment to spearheading the shift in the Indian automotive industry towards a more environmentally conscious and sustainable sector is evident via its ongoing efforts to broaden its range of electric vehicles and rename its models.

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