All New Bajaj Chetak 2901 debut at Rs 95,998


Once again pushing the boundaries, Bajaj Auto, a pioneer in the automotive sector, has introduced a new, more reasonably priced version of its well-liked electric scooter, the Bajaj Chetak 2901. At an appealing price of Rs 95,998 (ex-showroom), the new model, called the Chetak 2901, is available. Being offered in five eye-catching colors—Red, White, Black, Lime Yellow, and Azure Blue—the scooter is a calculated attempt to appeal to a younger audience. The Chetak 2901 claims to combine durability and style with its all-metal body and contemporary features.

Bajaj Chetak 2901

An Overview of the Bajaj Chetak 2901

The Chetak 2901 makes affordable changes to make it more user-friendly while maintaining the fundamental design principles of the Chetak series. Users won’t be without vital features because this model and the mid-spec Chetak Urbane share the same 2.9 kWh battery and colour LCD instrument cluster.

When fully charged, the electric scooter is supposed to have a range of 123 kilometres, taking around six hours. Bajaj has restricted the maximum speed to 63 kmph, so individuals who value speed may want to take that into account. Despite this, youthful riders and urban commuters find the Chetak 2901 to be a desirable alternative because to its price and usefulness.

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Features and Details

Performance and Battery
A powerful 2.9 kWh battery pack, same as the one in the Chetak Urbane, powers the Chetak 2901. With a 123 km stated range on a single charge, this battery is a good option for short vacations and everyday commuting. Many users find that charging times are important, and the Chetak 2901, like the Urbane model, can have its battery completely charged in around six hours when utilising an off-board charger.

Design and Construct
The Chetak 2901 features a solid metal body that guarantees longevity and a quality feel, keeping the clean and contemporary style of its predecessors. Younger riders will find it visually appealing as it comes in five fresh, vivid colours. Two of the sacrifices taken to keep the cost of the scooter low are that it has steel wheels and just one riding mode. These, however, don’t really take away from the whole experience.

TecPac: Unlocking Additional Functions

The TecPac option, which costs an extra Rs 3,000, is one of the Chetak 2901’s most notable features. This package improves the operation and user experience of the scooter by adding a number of helpful features. TecPac contents include:

  • The Eco and Sport Riding Modes let riders adjust performance and battery life to suit their requirements.
  • Reverse Mode: Facilitates movement in confined areas.
  • Added ease and safety while braking and starting on a hill are provided by Hill-Hold Assist.
  • Alloy wheels are more aesthetically pleasing and may even perform better than regular steel wheels.

There is fierce competition for the Bajaj Chetak 2901 in the quickly expanding electric scooter industry. TVS iQube, Ather Rizta, and Ola S1 are some of the main competitors. While each of these models has established a distinct market, the Chetak 2901 stands out due to its affordable price and extensive feature set.

Chetak 2901’s Attractive Features for Younger Riders

To cater to a younger clientele, Bajaj has positioned the Chetak 2901 advantageously. Younger passengers searching for a cost-effective yet fashionable form of transportation are probably drawn to the bright colour options and contemporary design components. Furthermore, the extra functions made possible by the TecPac offer a great deal of value without significantly raising prices.

Reliability and Cost Effectiveness
Any new car’s ability to be purchased at an affordable price is essential, and the Chetak 2901’s affordability appeals to many. It is far less expensive than many of its rivals at Rs 95,998, even though it still has a good range and practical features. Customers may customise their purchase to fit their demands and budget by adding the TecPac for a little Rs 3,000.


An important first step towards increasing the accessibility of electric scooters to a wider market is the introduction of the Bajaj Chetak 2901. Bajaj hopes to attract young, urban riders searching for a dependable and environmentally sustainable mode of transportation by providing a blend of cost, style, and utility. A powerful 2.9 kWh battery, 123 km of range, and the ability to add features like Eco and Sport riding modes via the TecPac make the Chetak 2901 an attractive option for those interested in electric scooters.

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