Toyota Innova Hycross Waiting Period Increases to 14 Months


Due to high demand, there have been significant wait times for the Toyota Innova Hycross and Innova Crysta, two of the most sought-after multipurpose vehicles (MPVs) in the Indian market. Due to the unusual lengths of waiting times for these vehicles, it is imperative that prospective purchasers comprehend the dynamics involved. This extensive post explores the waiting times that exist today, the causes of these postponements, and what consumers may anticipate when they choose to acquire these well-liked MPVs.

Toyota Innova Hycross

Toyota Innova Hycross Models: A Quick Overview

There are two main powerplant choices available for the Toyota Innova Hycross:

  1. Non-hybrid Petrol Variants: These have a 2.0-liter normally aspirated petrol engine that produces 173 horsepower and a CVT transmission.
  2. Hybrid variants: equipped with an e-Drive gearbox and a 2.0-liter strong-hybrid petrol engine producing 184 horsepower.

The Toyota Innova Hycross’s non-hybrid petrol versions will require a six-month waiting period as of June 2024. The hybrid versions, on the other hand, have to wait a lot longer—up to 14 months—from the moment the order was placed.

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Supply Chain Difficulties and Elevated Demand

Long wait times are a result of the incredibly high demand for the Toyota Innova Hycross, especially its hybrid models. The continuous problems with the supply chain have made this situation worse. Toyota has twice stopped accepting reservations for its top-spec ZX and ZX (O) versions in response to these problems. Due to supply-related issues, reservations were first suspended in April 2023. A year later, they were resumed, but the suspension was again brought on by the ongoing demand. The Toyota Innova Hycross is priced (ex-showroom) between Rs 19.77 lakh and Rs 30.98 lakh, indicating its wide appeal across many budget ranges.

Toyota Innova Crysta’s specifications and trim levels are on a steady demand

A 2.4-liter diesel engine producing 150 horsepower and 343 Nm powers the Toyota Innova Crysta. It is mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. The Crysta, which comes in four trim levels, has managed to hold onto its appeal even in the face of competition from smaller MPVs like the Maruti XL6, Mahindra Marazzo, and Kia Carens.

Toyota Innova Crysta

Present Waiting Time
The Toyota Innova Crysta has a six-month waiting time, which indicates a steady flow of demand. When compared to the Hycross, the Crysta’s waiting time has been more consistent, which makes it a dependable option for purchasers seeking a diesel-powered MPV.

Cost Specifics
With prices ranging from Rs 19.99 lakh to Rs 26.55 lakh (ex-showroom), the Toyota Innova Crysta is positioned to compete in its market.

Factors Affecting Extended Wait Times

Limited Supply and High Demand
There are long wait times for the Toyota Innova Hycross and Innova Crysta due to strong demand. Customers have been drawn to the Hycross because of its powerful hybrid technology and contemporary features, which has led to wait times of up to 14 months.

Disruptions to the Supply Chain
Waiting times have been prolonged in large part due to interruptions in the global supply chain. Delays in the delivery of new automobiles have resulted from manufacturing schedules being influenced by problems like semiconductor shortages and logistical difficulties.

Reservation halts
Toyota has taken the action of stopping reservations for some highly-demanded models in order to control the excessive demand and stop waiting times from getting worse. In order to guarantee that customers who have already made orders receive their automobiles within an acceptable timeframe, this technique attempts to balance supply and demand.


The prolonged waiting times for the Toyota Innova Hycross and Innova Crysta highlight the industry’s supply issues as well as the strong demand for these cars. To navigate these delays, potential purchasers should prepare ahead, keep informed, and weigh their options. Despite the lengthy wait, families and people looking for a trustworthy and adaptable MPV will continue to find great appeal in the Innova models because to its widespread popularity and track record of dependability.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on available sources and may not be 100% accurate.

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