Xiaomi’s CEO hinted at the SU7’s price before the EV entered stores


The well-known Chinese electronics behemoth Xiaomi has unveiled the SU7, its first-ever electric car, in a daring move that is sure to upend the electric vehicle (EV) market. In an effort to raise the bar for electric cars, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has hinted that the SU7 will be competitively priced below 500,000 yuan ($69,424) and will include excellent performance, cutting-edge technology, and unsurpassed aesthetics.

Xiaomi SU7

Commencing Operations with the SU7

A major turning point in Xiaomi’s quest for innovation and diversification has been reached with the company’s foray into the electric car sector. With the release of the SU7, the company is positioned to upend the EV market by utilising its technological and design know-how to produce a car that seeks to outperform models from well-known manufacturers like Tesla and Porsche.

Creating New Benchmarks for Performance and Design

The Speed Ultra 7, often known as the SU7, is expected to revolutionise both performance and design. The SU7 stands out from its rivals thanks to its streamlined shape and drag-reducing design, which make it the pinnacle of style and utility. However, the SU7 is designed to provide unmatched acceleration; it is said to outperform Porsche’s EVs as well as Tesla vehicles. It is not just about appearances.

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At the Heart of Innovation

The organization has made every effort to provide the SU7 with the newest technology available. With its remarkable 800km driving range on a single charge and its blazingly quick acceleration, the SU7 is proof of Xiaomi’s dedication to innovation. In addition, the car is loaded with cutting-edge technologies that guarantee a smooth driving experience for its occupants, including adaptive cruise control, parking assistance, multimedia displays, and a cutting-edge 25-speaker system.

Xiaomi’s Future Prospects

With the SU7, the company hopes to become a major force in the EV industry and open the door for a more environmentally friendly future. By putting $10 billion into the automotive industry over the course of the next ten years, Xiaomi is demonstrating its long-term commitment to fostering innovation and expanding the realm of what is practical for electric vehicles.

Xiaomi SU7

An Up-close View of the SU7

To get a first look at the SU7, prospective buyers and vehicle aficionados have already started swarming Xiaomi dealerships around China. Prior to its official debut, the SU7 has created a lot of hype thanks to its eye-catching “ocean blue” variation. Xiaomi’s commitment to delivering a smooth and integrated user experience is further demonstrated by its choice to submit the “Xiaomi Car” app to Chinese app stores.

Xiaomi’s Stewardship of the Environment

The SU7 represents the company’s broader commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, even beyond its technological brilliance and stylish design. The organization is proactively lowering carbon emissions and lessening the environmental effect of transportation by entering the electric vehicle industry. The SU7 is a practical and environmentally responsible substitute for conventional gasoline-powered cars, supporting worldwide initiatives to mitigate climate change and advance more environmentally friendly modes of transportation thanks to its remarkable driving range and effective operation.

The Path Ahead for the SU7 and Xiaomi

The company is ready to start a new and exciting chapter in its history as it prepares to formally reveal the SU7 and take orders. Xiaomi is positioned to revolutionise the automobile sector and reshape the future of transportation, with its sights set on ranking among the top five manufacturers globally. While customers anxiously anticipate being able to test drive the SU7, Xiaomi is still dedicated to providing innovation, value, and quality in its quest for market leadership in electric vehicles.


Amidst the growing excitement around the SU7’s release, Xiaomi is getting ready to accept orders. The SU7 possesses the capacity to transform the electric car sector and establish Xiaomi as a formidable player in the automotive industry, owing to its innovative technology, remarkable design, and affordable price.

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