Volvo Cars Global Sales Growth 12.2{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}in May 2017

Volvo Cars, the premium car maker, continued on its path towards another record full year in May, reporting  double-digit global retail sales growth of 12.2 per cent compared to the same month last year, on the back of solid performance in all its three main sales regions.

Total sales for the month amounted to 47,247 cars, compared to 42,107 cars the year before. Growth for the first five months of 2017 was 8.9 per cent. Volvo sold a record 534,332 cars in 2016 and is confident it will report another record this year.Firm demand for new 90 series cars remains an important factor in Volvo’s sales performance, while the original XC60 continues to be the best-selling model overall.

The Asia Pacific region reported sales growth of 30.6 per cent in May to 12,721 cars, boosted by a strong performance in China, Volvo’s largest individual sales market. Sales in the country rose 38.8 per cent to 9,779 cars as the locally produced S90, XC60 and S60L models prove popular with customers.

Sales in the Americas region increased 10.4 per cent to 7,574 cars. The increase came after a 12 per cent increase in the US market to 6,202 cars. The XC90 was the best-selling car in both the Americas region and the US market for the month, followed by the XC60.

Sales in the EMEA region increased by 5.4 per cent in May to 26,634 cars. Europe’s most popular premium mid-size SUV, the XC60, remained Volvo’s best-seller in the region, followed by the V40/V40 Cross country.

Retail sales status
                                                             May                                               January – May

                                                  2016    2017    Change                  2016         2017          Change

Region EMEA                           25,259    26,634   5.4{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}                 123,471     132,450         7.3{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}

            Sweden                         6,545     7,032    7.4{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}                   29,227       31,478          7.7{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}

Region Asia-Pacific                   9,738     12,721   30.6{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}                46,752        56,815          21.5{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}

            China                            7,045     9,779     38.8{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}                 32,961       41,801          26.8{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}

Region Americas                      6,858     7,574     10.4{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}                 33,536        32,626          2.7{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}

            USA                              5,536     6,202     12.0{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}                28,066         26,799          4.5{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}

           Other                               252      318        26.2{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}               1,373           1,399             1.9{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}

           TOTAL                         42,107    47,247    12.2{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}                205,132      223,290          8.9{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}


Globally, the Volvo XC60 was the best-selling model in May with 15,639 cars sold (2016: 12,029), followed by the Volvo V40/V40 Cross Country with 7,997 cars sold (7,833). The XC90 was third with 6,647 sold cars (6,715).

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