Volkswagen strategizes its Sales Service in Digital Format |India


The Volkswagen leading manufacturer Company in India, introduced a new initiative of an online retail service, resuming sales and services, through reconnecting customers with the company, to reach their suitable chosen product. The Company opened the digitalization process, to show supple service, for customers to select their likeable Volkswagen cars at their ease.

Volkswagen Auto Industry, facilitated the customers, availability of booking through online mode of their chosen dealership. The Company also merged its 134 sales and 116 services touchpoints in this process. The online retail procedure has been free and easy progress and resume the services of the Company.

Volkswagen implements, the service as simple to customers, that they can easily interact, with the manufacturer, can make queries, if required, at the time of selection of Vehicles. It provides end-to-end detailed information, about the cars or services for sale. There has been virtual conversation facilities, with the sales consultant, provided until the vehicles consigns.

To book online, a Customer can visit Volkswagen India’s Website and browse it, to display the list of vehicles or services range available. The Customer can grab relevant information about the chosen Vehicles or services, get pricing information, facilities and fill Customers details, choice, preferences and information as requirements in the online format.
The Company also provides to get a hold of the customers request at their preferred due time. It facilitates pick-up and drop off services to customers, based on their convenience, to visit Showroom or Workshop respectively. The Company also mentioned, for secured transaction of any sales or purchase, verification will be authenticated through an OTP generation by the preferred dealership.

The Company, henceforth ensured to provide customers and workers safety, through enriching their owned Cars by sanitizer daily, at all-around network Channel of cars. The Volkswagen cars have been clean and kept with supervision.

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