Volkswagen Golf R vs. first-gen Audi R8|UK

These cars are not rivals but price similarity makes a profound contest. These cars are good at their level. Here you will see a normal comparison between these cars. Let’s get started.

The condition is that the Audi R8 is insured for £40,000 to reflect its condition and low mileage. On the other hand, Volkswagen Golf R retails for £33,740. This car has a dual-clutch automatic gearbox. It is fitted to the teat car.

Volkswagen Golf R

The Golf has an unrivalled blend of power. The interior and the exterior both are very much exciting. But generally, it looks like a normal Golf car. Nothing changed much. Just an upgrade with the big wheels. But the car works better than you think. This car is best in its kind.

Audi R8

If you see Audi R8, it is different. Yes, this car is about very old and until this time nothing has been changed. This car was Audi’s first mid-engined machine. This car doesn’t appear to be any special. It gives a power output of 414bhp and it can go from 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds which is not quicker then Golf R.

In the market, Audi R8 coats about £126,200. In 2007, this car cost about £50,000. The price has changed so much. A 4.2-litre V8 engine is good. This engine is very sweet as it is a rare and dying breed. It has a manual gearbox. The suspension system is very good. It is better than the Golf. The ride is also amazing, better than Golf. The body of the car can breathe air. Driving is fun as everything is balanced.

The motor operates about 8250rpm redline and spins north of 6000rpm.

If you will see Golf, it is much quicker than R8. The environment is the limiting factor for both cars. The wheelbase is shorter than the Golf which is mostly because it has quicker steering. 

If you don’t see the class, then the Golf is best conceived, most skilfully executed.

Real Comparison 

The other things which are important to consider are the engine, VW Golf R has 4 cylinders turbocharged petrol engine which gives a power output of 306bhp at 5500rpm and Audi R8 have V8 petrol engine which gives a power output of 414bhp at 7800rpm. The gearbox used in Golf R is 7 speed dual-clutch automatic and in Audi R8 is a 6-speed manual. The weight of both cars is very much similar. Golf kerb weight is 1505kg and R8 kerb weight is 1560kg. Now the main the price, Golf R price starting at £33,740 and R8 starting at £30,000 and go up to £50,000.

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