Lamborghini announces Limited Edition ‘All Terrain’ Huracan Sterrato limited to just 12 cars


The automotive industry saw a historic moment at Milan Design Week when the venerable Italian supercar maker Lamborghini debuted a limited edition ‘All Terrain’ version of their famed Huracan Sterrato. Just 12 vehicles make up this limited edition series, which demonstrates Lamborghini’s unwavering commitment to innovation and quality.

Lamborghini all terrain Huracan Sterrato

An Early Look at the Event

Imagine entering a world where high-performance engineering and difficult terrain coexist together, and where luxury and nature meet. That’s exactly the atmosphere Lamborghini created for the launch, as each Huracan Sterrato was shown against backgrounds that symbolised the many terrains it is intended to traverse.

Living Life to the Fullest with Stephan Winkelmann

Automobili Lamborghini Chairman and CEO Stephan Winkelmann took centre stage to unveil these remarkable cars. He talked about how the Huracan Sterrato has changed the super sports car scene since its launch with pride and joy. Its capacity to discover novel paths and its complex nature make it stand out.

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Examining Specific Design Elements

The All Terrain Sterrato has an absolutely amazing design. Every vehicle has a matte camouflage paint job that is modelled after various natural settings, including gravel, sand, snow, and green spaces. The vehicle’s bodywork is enhanced with matte black details on the top, rear hood, roof rails, and cross bars, which add to the vehicle’s roughness and visual attractiveness.

Luxurious and Personalised Interior Design

As soon as you walk in, the opulence and refinement surround you. The inside is trimmed in Alcantara and dark chrome, combining comfort and functionality in a well-balanced design. The Ad Personam plate and laser-cut Sterrato-specific images highlight the cars’ exceptional distinctiveness even further.

Perspectives from Mitja Borkert, the Design Director

The dynamic capabilities and multifaceted nature of the All-Terrain Sterrato were highlighted by Lamborghini’s Design Director, Mitja Borkert, in his commentary. He underlined how much fun it is to drive this incredible vehicle in any kind of terrain or weather.

Unforgettable Experience of Unveiling

The unveiling ceremony was really remarkable. A sensory extravaganza that evoked the strength of nature and adventure was presented to the attendees. An enormous Trompe L’Oeil made by an Italian artist served as the ideal background for the automobiles on display, while a Michelin-starred Italian meal delighted guests’ palates.

Financial Performance and International Presence

All 12 Huracan Sterrato All-Terrain machines have already been sold to a restricted group of customers worldwide, notwithstanding their exclusivity. These fortunate owners will soon know what it’s like to drive this amazing supercar on rough routes, sand dunes, or snow-covered mountains.

Redefining Performance

The Sterrato’s powerful 5.2-liter V10 engine, which produces an incredible 610 CV and 560 Nm of torque, sits beneath the engine bay. This beast is prepared to unleash its full potential on every terrain, reaching a high speed of 260 km/h and a blazing acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds.

Attention to Detail

The Huracan Sterrato All-Terrain has been painstakingly designed to the highest standards in every way. Every little element, from the matte dark lower body section to the 19-inch matte black forged wheels, adds to its unmatched functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The Innovative Legacy of Lamborghini

For Lamborghini, innovation is a way of life rather than merely a goal. They’ve once again pushed the envelope with the All-Terrain Huracan Sterrato, redefining the supercar category and creating new opportunities for global auto aficionados.


Within the realm of exceptional automobile design, Lamborghini’s most recent offering is a remarkable work of art. The introduction of the Huracan Sterrato special edition “All Terrain” has demonstrated once more why they are industry pioneers. This tough supercar, with its jaw-dropping appearance and unmatched performance, is proof of Lamborghini’s steadfast dedication to innovation and quality.

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