Tvs Motors Sales Growth 3{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24} in October 2017

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TVS Motor Company sales growth of 3{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24} increasing from 308,690 units in October 2016 to 317,411 units in the month of October 2017.


Total two-wheeler registered growth of 1.5{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24} with sales increasing from 303,885 units in October 2016 to 308,364 units in October 2017. Domestic two-wheelers registered sales of 270,372 units in October 2017 as against 272,229 units in October 2016.

Scooter sales of the Company grew by 15.7{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24} from 92,417 units in October 2016 to 106,910 units in October 2017. Motorcycles sales grew by 3.2{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24} with sales increasing from 121,550 units in October 2016 to 125,409 units in October 2017.


The Company’s total exports grew by 29.3{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24} from 35,134 units registered in the month of October 2016 to 45,437 units in October 2017. Two-wheeler exports grew by 20.0{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24} increasing from 31,656 units in October 2016 to 37,992 units in October 2017.


Three-wheeler of the Company grew by 88.3{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24} increasing from 4,805 units in October 2016 to 9,047 units registered in October 2017.


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