Toyota U.S.A, Cannada, India February 2013 Sales


Toyota Cannada February 2013 Sales

Toyota Cannada Inclusive [ TCI ] has managed to sell a total of 10,775 units of its vehicles in Cannada during February 2013

Only Toyota Sales

  • 9,712 units of vehicles sold in Feb
  • 4,593 units of Toyota passenger cars sold
  • Avalon sales were up 183.3 per cent
  • 5,119 units of Toyota trucks were sold, 1.9 per cent increase
  • RAV4 sales were up by 59.6 per cent
  • Highlander sales were up by 7.3 per cent
  • FJ Cruiser sales were up by 7.1 per cent
  • 708 units of Toyota hybrid were sold
  • Highlander Hybrid sales were up by 31.7 per cent

Lexus sales

  • 335 units of Lexus luxury cars were sold in Februray 2013
  • ES sales were up by 45.4 per cent [ year to date ]
  • GS 350 were up by 5.7 per cent [ year to date ]
  • LS sales were up by 122.2 per cent [ year to date ]
  • 482 units of Lexus luxury SUV were sold
  • LX sales were up by 154.5 per cent [ year to date ]
  • GX sales were up by 9.3 per cent [ year to date ]
  • 139 units Lexus hybrid were sold

Scion Sales

  • 246 units of Scion were sold

Toyota India

Toyota Kirloskar Motor sells 12,756 units in February 2013

Toyota Kirloskar Motor [ TKM ] sold 12,756 units of its vehicles in domestic market in India during Feb 2013, compared to 16,659 units in February 2012

Toyota Kirloskar Motor also exported 1,223 units of Etios series to South Africa last month. So Total sales of the company last month is 13,979 units.

Mr. Sandeep Singh, Deputy Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, Marketing and Commercial said

“The market continues to remain sluggish and the with the additional excise duty levied on SUV and UV, the market will be further impacted ”

Toyota USA February 2013 Sales

Toyota Motor Sales [ TMS ] has sold 166,377 units in U.S.A during February 2013

Bill Fay, group vice president and general manager, Toyota Division said

“Despite rising gas prices, severe winter storms and concerns about the federal budget, February was a good indication of the overall strength of the market.With the most fuel efficient full line of vehicles, Toyota is well positioned and we’re encouraged by very positive consumer reaction to our new Avalon and RAV4.”

Toyota, Lexus and Scion Sales

  • Total sales of 166,377
  • Sales increased by 4.3 per cent on a volume basis
  • Sales increased 8.7 per cent on Daily Selling Rate basis [ DSR ]
  • Toyota Division sold 149,038 units of vehicles, up by 4.4 per cent on a volume basis
  • 17,339 units of Lexus cars and LUVs were sold, up by 8.3 per cent on a DSR [ Daily Selling Rate ] basis and 4 per cent on volume basis
  • 5,703 units of the New Avalon were sold, up by 63 per cent
  • 31,000 units of Camry were sold which makes it the No. 1 selling car in the U.S.
  • Almost 24,999 units of Corolla were sold 
  • 12,644 units of Tacoma were sold, up by 18.5 per cent
  • Tundra sales were up by 15.5 percent
  • SUVs sales were up by 14.5 per cent [Approx]
  • More than 13,000 units of New RAV4 were sold, up by 5 per cent
  • Venza was up by 40 per cent
  • 4Runner was up by 30 per cent
  • Sienna was up by 20 per cent
  • Highlander was up by 15 per cent
  • New LS was up by 55 per cent
  • 4,817 units of New ES were sold, 61 per cent increase over last year.
  • RX became the top seller with nearly 7,000 units being sold, up by over 20 per cent compared to February 2012
  • 70,051 units of TMS truck were sold , up by 16.1 per cent
  • 26,966 units of TMS Hybrid were sold , up by 2.3 per cent on a DSR [ Daily Selling Rate ] basis
  • 6,938 units of Lexus RX were sold, up by 19.8 per cent
  • 4,817 units of Lexus ES were sold , up by 60.7 per cent

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