Toyota Motor Thailand launches Toyota C-HR


Toyota C-HR is created with a combination of automobile engineering science and fashion designing. As it was only possible with the collaboration of Toyota Motor Thailand and the iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. The official launch of Toyota C-HR as a limited edition offer for availability and selling purposes is on 2nd April 2020.

Toyota Motors frequently develops ever better automobiles. Here, Toyota C-HR is one such an innovation in this progress which represents the global standard of the company. According to the New Car Assessment Programme for South-East Asian Countries, Toyota C-HR deserves five stars in safety which is given to first-ever subcompact SUV in Thailand under ASEAN NCAP assessment protocol 2017-20. It is certainly a great achievement of the compnay that is responsible to its large number sales which is about 29,000 units since it introduced to February 2020.

In the words of vice president of Toyota Motors Thailand, these days people are search of an SUV that not only looks like a simple vehicle but also resembles their unique driving character. With the art of trendsetter Karl Lagerfeld and efforts of Toyota Motors, this all became possible. Showing their fashion and driving confidence people are much satisfied with Toyota C-HR. It has put a massive effort into creating the unique and futuristic design of the SUV.

In the words of world’s iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld “Fashion is not just about clothes, it’s about all kind of changes”. The same has been done as per his ideas of creating sharp lines and edges with some designing concepts. Not only the look is responsible for its fame but safety regarding technologies by Toyota has made it a shining masterpiece.

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