The man who changed the sense of the fastest cars|UK

Richard Noble is one of a famous racer who drove his jet-powered land speed record car. The car is named Thrust 2. It has set a new record of 633mph. It ran over Nevada’s the Black Rock Desert back in 1983. He has become the fastest on earth for the next 14 years. You will also know the fact that he is one of the kingpins of Thrust 2’s successor. After that in 1997. Thrust SSC, driven by Andy Green. It has made a new supersonic record of 763mph. Noble and his team have powered a new project that is net powered named as Bloodhound. Noble has done 11 projects to set records. So, he has a long history of talented speed and technical power. 

Noble, he also wrote a book named Take Risk!. It was published by Evro. He has written all about the people who have helped him and cherished him. He also wrote about all who have helped him in his projects. 

We’ve got to change the country,” declares Noble, no more than a minute into a conversation I thought was going to centre on his successes. “There can be no achievement without risk, and the people in a position to help have to realise it. To innovate, you’ve got to think laterally. Far too many of Britain’s structures – certainly the armed forces and even our so-called venture capitalists – are far too hierarchical to get things done.”

There are times when he has failed but never loses hope. Every word of the book is written by Noble himself. His partners and fellow mates have told him that no one can write these things better than Noble.

Not only he talks about wins but also about the sign of failure. But he has overcome all of those. 

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