Tesla is providing ventilator in New York in this crisis

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Tesla chief executive stated that the first batch of the medicines will be delivered this week. The ventilators will be denoted to the hospitals in New York and near the state. As it is a famous company, its expected that they would provide the best quality products.

Tesla workers and engineers are building their vent with parts for its vehicles. They are doing this because car parts are available easily as it is an automotive company. Company’s engineers are using as many parts as possible. Model3 infotainment system is used by ventilators. The infotainment system is providing power to the Model3 computer. Which in turn controls the airflow manifold. For an oxygen mixing chamber, a suspension air tank is used. They are using the Model3 touch screen as a controller. Its is one of the American automobile companies that pledged to support the government either by providing supplies or parts to make the ventilators.

Elon Musk has purchased 1,255 ventilators from three manufacturers – ResMed, Philips and Medtronic. He is telling that the company will give these to the hospitals. Earlier in the starting of the month, Musk reopened Tesla’s gigafactory in Buffalo, New York which is closed due to circumstances. The workers will build solar cells to provide additional ventilators. The company said that they will do each and everything to help citizens in this outbreak.

It is not only the company providing these products for the benefit of citizens. Some of the companies like Ford and General Motors are also providing products to help in this crisis. 

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