Tata Motors commercial vehicles sales growth by 29{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24} in Sept 2017

Tata Motors Limited  announced strong second-quarter growth driven by robust results for the third consecutive month. The Sales performance for September 2017 were at 53965 units resulting in 25{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24} growth over last year for the Domestic Passenger and Commercial Vehicle Business.

Domestic – Commercial Vehicles

Tata Motors overall commercial vehicles sales in September 2017, in the domestic market were at 36679 nos. higher by 29{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24} over September 2016.

The M&HCV trucks segment grew by 25{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}, at 12259 nos., in September 2017.

The I&LCV truck segment also saw an upward trend and grew by 34{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24} with 4449 units in September 2017.

The pickup category segment at 5569 units in September 2017 reported a strong growth of 50{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24} with our newly launched Tata Xenon Yodha gaining acceptance and demand across markets while the SCV cargo segment with sales at 10040 units witnessed a growth of 40{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24} at the back of strong response to XL range. Our passenger carrier (including buses) segment sales were at 4362 units,

Domestic – Passenger Vehicles

In September 2017, Tata Motors passenger vehicles, recorded sales of 17286 units, growth of 18{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}, over September 2016.

Cumulative sales growth of passenger vehicles in the domestic market for the fiscal (April-Sept 2017) were at 81417 units, a growth of 12{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}, compared to 72665 units, in the same period last fiscal.


The company’s sales from exports was at 3887 nos. in September 2017, a decline of 27{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}, due to continued drop in TIV in Sri Lanka (by 54{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}) and Nepal (by 47{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}).

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