Sydney Sweeney Splurges on Rare $70K Fiat 500 Jolly in Style!


The renowned actress from HBO’s “Euphoria,” Sydney Sweeney, has made waves once again in the world of Hollywood, where elegance and extravagance are the standard. This time, it’s not because of her acting abilities but rather because of her most recent ostentatious acquisition: a rare Fiat 500 Jolly that cost an astounding $70,000. Sweeney’s own taste and passion for retro design are evident in this oddball and endearing car.

Sydney Sweeney's Fiat 500 Jolly

Sydney Sweeney: From Film Star to Automobile Fan

Sydney Sweeney’s career ascent from movie star to auto enthusiast is quite amazing. Sweeney was born in Spokane, Washington, on September 12, 1997. She first became well-known in 2018 thanks to her parts in the highly acclaimed film “The Handmaid’s Tale” and the television series “Everything Sucks!” Her role as a rising star in Hollywood was further solidified by her performance in the HBO miniseries “Sharp Objects”.

But it was Sweeney’s performance in the HBO drama series “Euphoria” that made her a household name throughout the world. Sweeney’s portrayal of the multifaceted Cassie Howard was compelling and unvarnished, garnering her two Primetime Emmy Award nominations. Her next part in the first season of “The White Lotus” demonstrated her flexibility as an actor and further enhanced her remarkable portfolio.

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In the drama film “Reality,” Sweeney played the difficult part of Reality Winner in 2023, showcasing her ability to handle weighty, true-life narratives. Her leading part in the lighthearted romantic comedy “Anyone but You” demonstrated her skill in a different genre, and her 2024 roles in the horror film “Immaculate,” which she also produced, and the superhero movie “Madame Web” demonstrated her increasing power in the business.

An Overview of Sweeney’s Formative Years

Sydney Sweeney was born in the charming city of Spokane, Washington, to Steven Sweeney, a specialist in the hotel industry, and Lisa Sweeney, a former criminal defence attorney. Growing up in the Panhandle of north Idaho in a devout family, Sweeney’s early years were characterised by a strong sense of community and a passion for the great outdoors.

Sydney Sweeney

At Saint George’s School in Spokane, where she went to middle school, Sweeney was involved in a variety of activities, including wakeboarding, snow slalom skiing, baseball and soccer. Her youthful zest of adventure is evidenced by the permanent scar near her eye from an unfortunate wakeboarding mishap.

She tried out for an extra part in a small Spokane film, which sparked her passion in acting. Sweeney demonstrated maturity and determination beyond her years by presenting her parents with a comprehensive five-year business plan, which she used to persuade them of her enthusiasm. This strategy worked, as she was able to secure commercial acting roles in Portland and Seattle. When she was barely 13 years old, her family moved to Los Angeles.

Examining the Features of Fiat 500 Jolly

More than just a car, Sweeney’s recent acquisition of a Fiat 500 Jolly is a piece of automotive history. The Fiat 500 Jolly was originally intended as a beach cruiser for the affluent and famous. It was manufactured in small quantities by the renowned Italian coachbuilder Ghia between 1958 and 1965. Elvis Presley, Princess Grace of Monaco, and Aristotle Onassis were among the notable owners.

Sydney Sweeney's Fiat 500 Jolly

Unique characteristics and Design

Based on the iconic Fiat 500, the Jolly is distinguished by its open-top layout, absence of doors, and chrome bars on the top and sides. Its umbrella and recognisable wicker chairs give it a quaint, carefree look reminiscent of the Italian Riviera in the 1960s. The interior mixes retro design elements with contemporary elements, with hand-woven upholstery and a five-inch digital screen.

The 499.5 cc air-cooled twin engine that powers the Fiat 500 Jolly produces 22 horsepower. With this engine and a manual transmission with four speeds, the Jolly can attain a peak speed of 105 km/h. It is ideal for leisurely vacations and coastal drives due to its lightweight and small design.

Historical Importance and Contemporary Allure

Due to its historical significance and rarity, the Fiat 500 Jolly is now highly sought-after as a collector’s item. Owning a Jolly is a sign of rarity and taste, as Ghia only produced an estimated 650 original models. At international auctions, restored Jollys sometimes fetch six figures, drawing collectors and auto aficionados from all over the world.

Sydney Sweeney’s acquisition of the Fiat 500 Jolly is a celebration of her own style and affection for timelessly old cars, more than just a new addition to her garage. This car is a wonderful fit for Sweeney’s image since it combines a modern vibe with an air of sophistication from the past.


To sum up, Sydney Sweeney’s acquisition of a rare Fiat 500 Jolly demonstrates her admiration of antique beauty and her own sense of style. Sweeney is an actress that continues to create waves in both the on and off screen worlds, having won over hearts of audiences everywhere with her captivating performances. Her new car is a statement piece as well as a means of mobility, showcasing her passion for classic style and historical relevance.

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