Salary cut decision reversed by Bajaj Auto


The coronavirus has affected everyone around the world. But the worst affected zone is the automobile industry. They have lost a billion dollars around the world. To overcome that they are cutting the wages of workers who are working in the automobile company. But some of them are not doing it.

Today, May 3, 2020, Bajaj auto has reversed the decision of salary cut across the organisation. The company has assured complete payment to employees in the lockdown period.

Earlier, the company had thought of cutting 10% salary across the country to conserve cash after all business activities were stopped due to the lockdown to decrease the effect of COVID-19.

Recently, director Rajiv Bajaj has decided to forego his entire salary for this extraordinary time.

He further said that the company has come to the conclusion that they have to work from their heart rather than our mind.

Company’s Human Resource Department stated in a letter:

“Our business depends first and foremost upon each and every one of us, from the top to the bottom, this before we reach out to support our larger society, we are obliged to first secure our own that is so long we can help it, not a single child of the last contract worker must sleep hungry on our watch.”

The company has reported zero sales in the month of April because all the manufacturing plants are shut down due to the lockdown in the country.

Further Bajaj Auto said that the company is a large and profitable organization, it will stand against the impact of coronavirus in this pandemic situation. The company will stand for it’s people. The company will start its production soon and Bajaj will be roaring on the road with full throttle.

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