Rohit Sharma Chooses Elegance: Riding a Maruti Grand Vitara


There are few names in cricket that are as well-known as Rohit Sharma. A prominent figure in cricket history, Sharma is renowned for his exquisite timing, graceful strokes, and extraordinary leadership abilities. He has an impact on many areas of life outside of cricket, such as his current choice of vehicle—the Maruti Grand Vitara.

Rohit Sharma rides Maruti grand vitara

Journey of the Cricket Legend – Rohit Sharma

Sharma, who was born in Bansod, Nagpur, on April 30, 1987, has an outstanding career in cricket in addition to his on-field accomplishments. Having come from modest circumstances, he developed an early affinity for cricket. His ability was developed by committed mentors, who helped him advance from regional competitions to the global arena.

There have been several significant turning points throughout Sharma’s remarkable career. His leadership ability is evident, as seen by his captaincy of the India national cricket team in all forms and his repeated IPL championships with the Mumbai Indians. His accomplishment of becoming the first player to hit five hundreds in T20 Internationals is noteworthy and is evidence of his consistency and batting ability.

Rohit Sharma

Sharma has a pleasant and straightforward personal life away from the cricket pitch. His 2015 wedding to Ritika Sajdeh, who he had known for ten years, is a monument to love that never fades. Samaira, their 2018 daughter, brightens and enriches their life.

Sharma practices Sahaj Marg meditation, which demonstrates his dedication to spirituality. He finds peace and equilibrium in this age-old method among the demands of cricketing schedules, highlighting the significance of mental health in the quest for greatness.

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Unveiling the features of Maruti Grand Vitara

Let’s examine the characteristics in more detail to see why the Maruti Grand Vitara is such a great option for someone like Rohit Sharma. With a robust 1.5-liter K15C petrol engine and choices for both mild- and strong-hybrid models to suit a range of driving demands, this SUV turns heads. With features like ventilated seats, panoramic sunroofs, and cutting-edge technology like a 360-degree camera and Suzuki Connect telematics, the inside of the cabin radiates luxury.

Outstanding Performance

The 1.5-liter K15C petrol engine, which powers the Maruti Grand Vitara, is a powerful engine that seamlessly combines performance and efficiency. It prioritises environmental sustainability while accommodating a range of driving preferences with options for both mild-hybrid and strong-hybrid models.

Redefining Luxury

A symphony of luxury and comfort greets you as soon as you enter the cabin. Every amenity, like as ventilated seats and panoramic sunroofs, is painstakingly designed to improve your driving experience. Travelling in elegance is guaranteed when you choose the Maruti Grand Vitara for your daily commute or a cross-country road vacation.

Prioritising safety

The Maruti Grand Vitara is a vehicle that prioritises safety above all else in this day and age. With its six airbags, tyre pressure monitoring, and cutting-edge braking technologies, you and your loved ones can travel with peace of mind.


With its state-of-the-art technological features, the Maruti Grand Vitara embraces the digital era. Convenience and safety are increased with the 360-degree camera, heads-up display, and Suzuki Connect telematics, which make it simple to keep informed and connected.


To sum up, Rohit Sharma’s choice of the Maruti Grand Vitara highlights the SUV’s exceptional blend of performance, elegance, and style in addition to reflecting his sophisticated tastes. Beyond the confines of cricket, Sharma’s decision highlights another aspect of his complex nature and appeals to both fans and aficionados. The Maruti Grand Vitara represents his unwavering quest of distinction and brilliance as he sets off on new road and professional adventures.

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