Renault Koleos Unveils a Potent New Grand SUV in 2024


Renault Koleos SUV, which was unveiled at the Busan Motor Show in 2024, has caught the automotive industry by storm. This new vehicle stands out in the mid-size SUV class because to its innovative hybrid technology, svelte styling, and plenty of opulent amenities. We’ll examine the Grand Koleos’s design, features, performance, and what makes it a revolutionary product in the industry as we go into more detail in this post.

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Renault Koleos: An Industry Preview at the Busan Motor Show

At the Busan Motor Show, Renault unveiled the all-new Renault Koleos, grabbing the interest of both industry insiders and car fans. Built on Geely’s Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), which is also the basis for the Volvo XC40, Lynk & Co. cars, and Geely Xingyue L, this is Renault’s most recent offering. Modern car technology and sophisticated hybrid powertrain development have evolved significantly as a result of Renault and Geely’s partnership.

The hybrid drivetrain of the Renault Koleos is among its most intriguing features. The SUV has a 1.5-liter turbo-petrol engine that produces 245 horsepower when combined with a twin-motor hybrid system. Its mix of strong performance and fuel efficiency makes it the best option for long-distance trips as well as city driving. Multiple drive and terrain modes are included on the Grand Koleos, enabling users to customise their driving experience to suit their unique requirements and tastes.

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Exterior Details and Design for a Unique Look

The Grand Koleos has a style that is both elegant and powerful. It differs aesthetically from the Geely Xingyue L SUV despite having a lot of the same sheet metal and base. The Grand Koleos has a distinctive and contemporary appearance thanks to the new frameless grille, distinctive alloy wheel designs, and small adjustments to the front and back bumpers. Magnificent Size with a length of 4,780 mm, the Grand Koleos and the Tata Safari are similar in size. Its large size contributes to both its road presence and its extensive internal space, which makes all passengers comfortable.

Exquisite Interior Details

As soon as you enter the Grand Koleos, you are welcomed inside an opulent, high-tech interior. Three 12.3-inch screens are included in the SUV: one for the infotainment centre, one for the instrument panel, and a third for the front passenger. The panoramic sunroof lets in an abundance of natural light into the cabin, while other features include leather seats and fake aluminium trim. By supporting OTA updates and 5G connection, the infotainment system makes sure that the car’s software is constantly current and ready to run the newest features and apps.

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Development Path: Collaboration between Renault and Geely

One of two SUVs that Renault built in Korea is the Grand Koleos, which is a byproduct of the Renault Aurora 1 project. This vehicle is a part of a larger partnership between Geely and Renault, especially through HORSE Powertrain Limited, their joint venture. The design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of hybrid powertrain systems and components—including batteries—are the main objectives of this collaboration. The Grand Koleos’ CMA platform, which serves as the SUV’s flexible and cutting-edge base, is evidence of the success of this partnership.

Market accessibility and upcoming initiatives

The Grand Koleos will only be sold in Korea for the time being. Although Renault has marketed Koleos in India in the past, there are currently no plans to introduce the Grand Koleos to the Indian market. Renault is concentrating on other vehicles, such as the forthcoming Duster and Bigster SUVs, for India instead. Renault also intends to refresh its current portfolio in India, adding a new top-spec, sporty edition of the Kiger SUV.


A superb example of Renault’s inventiveness and willingness to push limits is the SUV Renault Koleos. Presenting the ideal fusion of power, efficiency, and elegance, its introduction at the Busan Motor Show 2024 has ushered in a new era of hybrid SUVs. Its influence on the worldwide automobile market cannot be denied, even if it may not be readily available in India right once. With the Grand Koleos, Renault is showing us what’s to come as they keep innovating and releasing new models.

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