Porsche deliveries all over the world and the impact of COVID-19 on production

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Cayenne is one of the most popular models in Porsche. About 18,417 deliveries have been made. Macan is also a famous model with 15,547 vehicles. The brand new model named a Porsche 911 model is also famous. It is delivered about 8,482 times. This shows an increase of 16 % with respect to the previous year. You will be known with the model named Taycan which is a first all-electric Porsche car. Basically, it is a sports car. It has been present in the market since the end of 2019. About 1,391 cars have been delivered to the customers in the first quarter.

After that company said at the beginning of March that we are not alone in this COVID-19 crisis. There is a huge impact on coronavirus on deliveries. Now, companies main focus is to stand by the business partner all over the world. 

We are in a position to react quickly in a well-mannered way if we want further development said Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG. 

Company is telling us that after this crisis we are ready to start our production. They are saying that our first priority will always be our staff and customers. This virus will be over soon, as we can see in China everything is going to its normal position and almost all Porsche companies are open there.

China and the USA will remain as the powerful and strongest market. It has delivered 14,098 cars to China In the first quarter of 2020. This makes China get the highest number of deliveries. The USA is also not that much far, the USA got the second position with 11,994 deliveries.

German Porsche has delivered about 5,214 cars to the customer and about 16,787 units have been delivered to the European market. About 22,031 cars have been delivered to customers in Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. 

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