Parmish Verma’s Touching Gift on Mom’s Retirement Day – a Jeep Grand Cherokee


Parmish Verma, a Punjabi musician, rapper, actor, and director, surprised his mother with an opulent gift on her retirement day. This heartfelt gesture has garnered attention from both fans and enthusiasts. The well-known musician and filmmaker from Punjabi music and film chose the Jeep Grand Cherokee as the perfect way to show his mother how much he loves and appreciates all of her years of sacrifice.

Parmish Verma: The Multi-Talented Sensation

Born on July 3, 1990, Parmish Verma started his career as a video director in the entertainment industry. His artistic sense and photographic ability were soon recognised, particularly for his work directing music videos for well-known Punjabi musicians like Ninja. But Verma didn’t stop there; he also made a smooth crossover into the singing and acting worlds.

In 2017, Parmish Verma made a splash in the music industry by collaborating with the renowned production team Desi Crew to release the hit tune “Le Chakk Main Aa Gya”. Because of the song’s popularity, Verma’s music career took off and he gained a devoted following.

Parmish Verma

Parmish Verma’s abilities extend beyond music, as he made his acting debut in the 2011 Punjabi film “Punjab Bolda.” Verma’s acting prowess and on-screen persona were further demonstrated in films such as 2017’s ‘Rocky Mental’, where both reviewers and viewers praised the actor’s performance. After Parmish Verma married Canadian politician and lawyer Geet Grewal, his private life gained attention. Fans have been following the couple’s journey attentively, which has enhanced Verma’s public profile.

Parmish Verma added another feather to his head when he founded Parmish Verma Films, his production company, in addition to his positions in the entertainment industry. The production company has played a significant role in helping well-known Punjabi singers create visually stunning music videos. Some of the noteworthy pieces include “Gal Jattan Wali,” “Aadat,” and “Gallan Mithiyan.”

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Parmish Verma’s recent present of a Jeep Grand Cherokee to his mother, who is retiring, is a powerful example of his appreciation. With a starting price of Rs 90 lakh, Verma’s decision to purchase this luxurious SUV is a testament to his dedication to sharing his success and paying tribute to his mother’s years of service. Although the particular variation is yet unknown, Verma’s gratitude for his mother’s sacrifices throughout the course of her extraordinary career is symbolised by the dramatic revelation.

Exploring Features of Jeep Grand Cherokee

A powerful 2.0-liter turbocharged engine producing an astounding 269 horsepower at 5150 rpm powers the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Driven at 3000 rpm, the SUV’s four cylinders provide 400 Nm of torque, making for a strong and thrilling ride. Along with its performance, the Grand Cherokee shines with a respectable 20 km/l, which makes it a sensible option for both long trips and city commutes.

The Grand Cherokee’s 8-speed automatic transmission guarantees seamless and effective gear changes. Its capabilities are improved by the 4WD/AWD option, which offers control and stability on a variety of terrains. With a weight of 2097 kg, the Grand Cherokee is a vehicle that balances durability and manoeuvrability. Its outside length, which ranges from 4501 mm to 5204 mm, and its breadth, which ranges from 1760 mm to 1979 mm, both add to the interior’s roominess and comfort. With a top speed of 137 miles per hour, the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe dazzles drivers who seek speed while balancing strength and grace.


Beyond the parameters of a customary celebrity extravagance, Parmish Verma chose to give his mother a Jeep Grand Cherokee. In honour of the sacrifices a mother has made during her career, it is a sincere show of love and gratitude. Parmish Verma provides an example of valuing family ties in the glitzy world of celebrity, as admirers applaud this heartfelt gesture.

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