Nova shares COVID-19 update to Nova bus customers

nova bus

As regards the state of the worldwide health organization crisis, the pandemic continue to in crease faster. The Nova Bus said they are actively working to help their customers and workers to keep the safety measures during this pandemic season. The partnership and trust placed in Nova bus company to give great experience is highly appreciated, been one of the significant member of prevost and Nova Bus families.

The management has decided to make the health and safety of their employees, customers suppliers and all stakeholders their utmost goal in this unprecedented time.Their crisis management committee is still engaging extraordinary actions to meet all needs.
Everyone should be at peace because information will be communicated to them through phone and email and all communication lines are still open.Everybody is invited to check the company’s websites and social media channel from time to time for reliable information. They are pleased to continue the act through out the challenging times.

In conjunction with Quebec government, directives, The Nova Bus is expected to constrain it’s operation to the strict minimum permission given by authorities.Its of necessity that the company adjust to the postponement of its activities at its Quebec facilities situated in st-Eustache and st-francois-du-lac until May 4,2020.
With respect to their activities holding at Plattsburgh, New York facility, some operations will resume back in the nearest future.
Every prevost service center in NorthAmerica are presently open but it is advised that their mobile service be checked before coming to one of their service center. The mobile is still ensuring that extra measures are been taken to ensure sanitizing high touch point areas, wearing if face mask when possible, encouragement of the team members to practice safe social distancing and curbing of hand shakes.
Everyone is been encouraged to contact customer support manager directly through phone or email if any of their service center is needed outside of a services center.

All shipping and receiving locations are opened.Their supply chain are been monitored,as in some part of the world are starting to face critical production challenges.The company is committed to meeting everyone’s need as the condition changes.
Finally,they encourage all to keep calm as they take steps towards health and wellness,supply chain and production. Everybody will be updated as the situation evolve. All their social media networks can be visited for latest news and plan adjustment.
The company plead with the people not to be reluctant to reach out to them with questions or concerns and that they remain loyal to support all in this bad time.

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