Nissan’s “Honor The King’s Legacy” project 2019 winners, announced |Thailand 2020


The team called ‘Mitr’ from university of Thammasat, Thailandhas won this competition of using sustainable waste as a useful product called “Honor The King’s Legacy”. They used up oyester shells with cement to make strong bricks.

This helped in generating additional revenue for Baan Takadngao community in Chantaburi . Other teams also performed well by creating different prototypes such as making shopping bags with reusable disposed plastic, designed bench with oyester shells and other cultural products. The vice president of communication, Peter Galli, Nissan(Thailand), was involved over all the event. The final presentation of these prototypes took place in presence of community leaders and local Thai people to receive genuine feedback.

The revenue generated helped full filling other people’s income in this pandemic period of CoViD-19 to save livelihood. During this worst condition of lockdown, people can create or innovate things to make money and support, same as oyester shell idea of ‘Mitr’.

what makes the winning product (brick) so special ? Well, this is because it is made of oyester. It glows in the dark making it usefull for decoration purposes. It is strong enough to be used for making roads and light enough to give a nice shape and use it as a statue. Other properties includes resistance to water, moss and algae.

This waste management solution was so impressive that Nissan Thailand rewarded 250,000 baht of scholarship and 50,000 baht to its university.

For a long time oyester shells were a major problem of garbage in Baan Takadngao, Narongkorn but ‘Mitr’ have shown a way to encounter these problems as well as generating income to resolve other issues. This also helped in improving skills of social development and waste management.

Klum-Jai from Chiang Mai university, the first runner up also created an amazing prototype. They made multipurpose reusable sheets from disposed plastic. These were made to use as cover and packaging material for fruits and other products.

Other universities have also shown their potential in this competition. Inspiring from these university students, people can create many such things to solve community problems which can greatly help in this lockdown period. And this is what we need in our society!

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