Nissan’s “Care for you” initiative affected by COViD-19 |Thailand


It’s an initiative launched by the company which offers test drives, pick up services and promotions.

For them the safety of their existing and future customers is one of the most important priority for them in this lockdown period. As well as maintaining businesses of their dealers is also one such concern.

There are three main features of Nissan’s initiative :

  1. Test drive from home : Nissan Thailand offers test drives from home that is you don’t have go far away for this test drive. Visit Nissan’s website or facebook page and resister for a test drive. Keeping the safety points, the car is first sanitized and then delivered to your home with no risk. The models available for test drives are Nissan Almera, Nissan Navara and Nissan Note.
  2. After sales service : The existing customers can have maintenance and pickup services from their home using the company’s websites. There is no need of getting out for other services too. To help its service customers, they are also providing fabric masks to avoid spread of COVID-19. Many other steps were also taken by the company as great preventive measures such as sanitization of service centres and showrooms and re- sanitization at every 30 minutes. After each drive, they sanitize cars specially its touch points (steering wheels, handles, seats, gear controls, etc…). All of the staffs wear masks, check their temperature and sanitize their hands time to time whole day. None of the customer or dealer is allowed to enter without a mask. Hence, the whole system gets at lower risk of corona spread.
  3. Promotion : For the sake of its customers, it is providing various methods of payment. The customer can have three months instalment payment with no worries and even paying just 50% for nine months of instalment. There is special offer of type 1 car insurance coverage for them who by new Nissan Navara, Almera, Note, March, Terra or Nissan X-Trail with 1 to 30 April 2020 as per the terms and conditions.

The company is ready to provide services even in the worst conditions of lockdown. So, customers should focus on their safety measures more than their vehicle services.

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