Nissan’s Spectacular Showcase: 5 Powerhouse Model’s Excelling Across India!


While Renault has garnered attention with the recent debut of the entirely revamped Duster, Nissan, its sibling brand, is concurrently preparing to introduce a series of innovative models tailored for the Indian market and other burgeoning economies. During a recent brand presentation, Nissan revealed plans to unveil up to four new models specifically designed for our market, in addition to a facelift for the Magnite SUV.

  1. X-Trail, Magnite facelift launch expected in 2024
  2. Creta, Safari rivaling SUVs in due 2025 and later
  3. Global entry-level EV based on CMF-AEV platform being readied

Nissan’s Power Move: Magnite SUV Set for a Riveting Facelift, Launch by Late 2024


The highly anticipated Magnite facelift is poised for a grand debut in 2024. Serving as Nissan’s exclusive model in India for a substantial duration, the Magnite has successfully made its mark in several international markets through export. In a strategic move, the company aims to amplify the SUV’s global reach by introducing a left-hand drive variant alongside the facelift, unlocking a host of new export opportunities for the dynamic Magnite. This significant expansion aligns with Nissan’s commitment to innovation and market adaptability.

All-New Midsize SUV Set to Redefine the Market, Shares DNA with the Duster, and Targets Global Domination by 2025


In the lineup of forthcoming releases for the Indian market, the upcoming Nissan midsize SUV emerges as the brand’s pivotal market entry. Drawing inspiration from the recently unveiled Duster, this all-new SUV is set to become a cornerstone of the company presence. Sharing the same platform, select interior components, and even body panels with the Duster, this SUV, built on the CMF-B platform, will be manufactured alongside the next-gen Duster in Chennai.

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The strategic alignment of these models is poised not only for the Indian market but also for overseas expansion, with plans to export this SUV to several international destinations. Anticipated to make its debut in 2025, this new Nissan SUV promises to illuminate the automotive landscape with its shared lineage and innovative design.

Unveiling the Five-Seat Creta Challenger and Teasing the Three-Row Bigster-Derived Powerhouse for a Dual Impact!


In a strategic move, Nissan is gearing up for a two-pronged SUV offensive. The first salvo will be a five-seat SUV, drawing inspiration from the Duster and positioning itself as a formidable rival to the Creta. However, the anticipation doesn’t end there, as Nissan has another ace up its sleeve – a three-row SUV based on the yet-to-be-revealed Bigster. While the Duster-inspired SUV takes the lead in challenging the Creta, the Bigster-derived Nissan SUV is patiently waiting in the wings for its time to shine. Although the launch timeline for the Nissan version of the Bigster comes after the debut of its five-seat counterpart, it promises to bring a fresh dimension to the SUV landscape. Stay tuned for Nissan’s dynamic dual-SUV strategy, set to reshape the market in the coming years.

Global Innovation Unleashed with CMF-AEV-Based Entry-Level Hatchback, Set to Redefine Markets Worldwide!

“Nissan and Renault’s Collaborative Innovation: Global Entry-Level Hatchback on CMF-AEV Platform Set to Redefine Markets

In a strategic alliance, Nissan and Renault are jointly crafting an entry-level hatchback poised to be a global sensation, built on the CMF-AEV platform. Insider information suggests that India is on the radar to receive this groundbreaking CMF-AEV hatchback, with both Renault and the company developing their unique interpretations or ‘derivatives’ of this international product. This collaborative effort marks a significant step forward in the brands’ commitment to innovative and versatile automotive solutions, promising a fresh wave of excitement for hatchback enthusiasts worldwide.”


Nissan’s grand revelation of five powerhouse models signals a seismic shift in the Indian automotive landscape. With innovation, performance, and cutting-edge design at the forefront, these models are poised to redefine the driving experience. Get ready for a thrilling journey as Nissan propels into the future, setting new standards in the Indian market.

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