Namma Yatri Revolutionizes Bengaluru Cab Industry, Drivers Earn Rs 5.4 Crore in One Month


With the launch of Namma Yatri, a locally developed mobility app that has taken the industry by storm, the Bengaluru cab booking market has seen a substantial transformation. In only one month since its launch on April 16, Namma Yatri has enabled its taxi drivers to earn an astounding Rs 5.4 crore. The success of the app, its special features, and its effects on drivers and consumers are all covered in detail in this article.

Namma Yatri

Namma Yatri: A Revolution in Taxi Services

The introduction of Namma Yatri onto the market has been nothing less than revolutionary. With its zero-commission business model, the app presents a compelling alternative to the established ride-hailing behemoths like Ola and Uber, which levy a hefty 25–30% commission on each journey. Namma Yatri has made it possible for drivers to earn an extra Rs 800 a day by doing away with this fee.

Zero-Commission Model: Benefiting Drivers Both Ways

The core of Namma Yatri’s attraction is the zero-commission business strategy. Rather of taking a cut of drivers’ pay, the app will start charging a small daily membership fee of Rs 25 in October. This creative strategy increases drivers’ compensation while streamlining the payment process and promoting openness and confidence.

Namma Yatri Driver

Driver References

Five-year taxi driver Yogesh Kumar expressed his satisfaction with the app, saying, “Compared to other apps, I can earn around Rs 700-Rs 900 extra per day using Namma Yatri.” I can successfully manage my entire monthly savings with this. The monthly commission for other applications alone will come to over Rs 10,000. It was so difficult to pay for petrol, home expenditures, and EMIs after spending so much money on commission alone.”

“I think cab drivers are switching between different aggregator apps and can boost their income multifold,” observed Manjunath, another driver. Uber and Ola continue to be my main sources of reservations. Although Namma Yatri is established, I only receive two or three trips every day. People, in my opinion, are still steadily learning about Namma Yatri offering cab services.”

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Open-minded Pricing and Payment

Namma Yatri guarantees open pricing by abiding by the government-mandated taxi fee laws in Karnataka. The following rates are preset by the app:

  • AC Mini: Rs 100 for up to 4 km, and Rs 18 per km thereafter.
  • Sedan: Rs 115 for up to 4 km, and Rs 21 per km thereafter.
  • XL Cabs: Rs 130 for up to 4 km, and Rs 24 per km thereafter.
  • Night Charges: 1.5 times the daytime rate between 10 PM and 5 AM.

These prices give customers and drivers clarity and fairness by including precise toll amounts.

Features Focused on the Customer

Namma Yatri is made to provide drivers and passengers with a convenient and hassle-free experience. Because of the app’s clear payment system, drivers can be guaranteed they’ll get paid as soon as the consumer pays, which builds happiness and confidence.

Unique Requirements and Broadcasting

Special requests like additional luggage, pet transportation, wheelchair-accessible vehicles, and excursions to public transportation hubs are also accommodated using the app. Because of its inclusiveness, Namma Yatri can meet the demands of a diverse spectrum of clients.

The Path Ahead for Yatri Namma

Namma Yatri doesn’t take its success for granted. The app has big intentions to cover all of Karnataka, including scheduled rides, rentals, intercity transport, and more. These additions will strengthen its position in the industry and provide drivers and consumers with even more benefits.

Initiatives for Community and Safety

Namma Yatri gives driver welfare and safety a lot of weight. In order to provide passengers with a safe and secure environment, the app works in tandem with the municipal police to conduct extensive background checks on drivers. To further improve safety, the app has tools that let reliable contacts follow journeys in real-time.


Unquestionably, Namma Yatri has had a big influence on Bengaluru’s taxi sector. With its emphasis on customer happiness and driver profits, the app has raised the bar for ride-hailing services. Its success has been largely attributed to its zero-commission business strategy, wide range of fleet options, open pricing, and dedication to inclusivity and safety.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on available sources and may not be 100% accurate.

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