Chandekar & Mayekar’s Diwali Padwa with Kia Seltos worth rupees 20 Lakhs


Siddharth Chandekar and Mitali Mayekar, two greats of Marathi film, embraced luxury on Diwali Padwa by buying their first fancy car, a Kia Seltos, and set off on a new adventure. Well-known for their outstanding contributions to the entertainment business, the couple offered viewers a peek into their progress as a couple by posting happy moments on social media. Their Diwali Padwa celebration gains a touch of tradition and cultural importance in addition to commemorating a personal milestone with this noteworthy purchase.

Mitali & Siddharth purchases Kia Seltos

Siddharth and Mitali’s Journey to Marriage

In the Marathi film industry, Siddharth Chandekar made his screen debut in the Hindi film “Humne Jeena Seekh Liya” in 2007. He was born in Pune, Maharashtra, on June 14, 1991. His 2009 Marathi TV series debut in “Agnihotra” set the stage for an illustrious career. Chandekar, then 19 years old, gained prominence in Marathi film with the political drama “Zenda” (2010).

Born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, on September 11, 1996, Mitali Mayekar rose to fame for her parts in films like as “Billu” (2009), “Urfi” (2015), and “Hashtag Prem” (2021). On January 21, 2021 the pair was married, starting their life together as a married couple.

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Luxury on Wheels: The one and only Kia Seltos by Kia

The power couple recently added the Kia Seltos to their collection, embracing luxury on wheels as they celebrated Diwali Padwa in style. This high-end SUV is a monument to refinement; it provides a wonderful fusion of performance, elegance, and modern amenities.

The Kia Seltos that Siddharth Chandekar and Mitali Mayekar choose to drive as they start this new chapter in their life not only adds a dash of luxury to their lives, but also demonstrates their refined taste in cars. As the couple welcomes this sophisticated car into their home, which embodies the spirit of expansion and wealth, the Diwali Padwa festivities take on much more cultural importance.

It is customary to make lucky purchases on Diwali Padwa, which is why choosing to purchase the Kia Seltos on this fortunate day has cultural importance. With its elegant styling and state-of-the-art amenities, Siddharth and Mitali’s selection of the Kia Seltos is a testament to their taste in both performance and elegance.

Unlocking the Features of Kia Seltos

With three different engine options—a 1482 cc petrol engine, a 1493 cc diesel engine and a second 1497 cc petrol engine—the Kia Seltos offers a flexible range of power to suit a variety of driving needs. A dynamic driving experience is guaranteed by the Automatic (DCT) gearbox system, which has seven speeds, paddle shift capabilities, and manual mode. In addition to being strong, the Seltos complies with the BS6 Phase 2 emission standard. Its remarkable mileage varies according on the version and fuel type, from 17 to 20.7 km/l. This high-end SUV measures 4,365 mm in length, 1,800 mm in width, 2610 mm in wheelbase, and a roomy 433 L in cargo capacity.

A 360-degree camera control system, idle start/stop, and strong performance metrics—253 Nm torque @ 1500 rpm and 158 bhp power @ 5500 rpm—are among the innovative features. Modern technology, efficiency, and safety are all excellent features of the Seltos.


The Diwali Padwa celebration of Siddharth Chandekar and Mitali Mayekar, marked by the acquisition of Kia Seltos, not only adds a dash of elegance to their life but also represents their path of prosperity and unity. The power couple’s choices of an elegant and well-equipped luxury vehicle, along with their accomplishments in the entertainment business, never cease to amaze their followers.

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