MG Motors India sales fall in April 20 but take preventive actions against COVID-19 pandemic |India


The Automakers industries has declined in sales segment in the frontier period of the year 2020. The Coronavirus has stricken the sales and production faculties during the lockdown days.

MG Motors India has stopped its production of vehicles, since a lockdown period started at the beginning of the year 2020. There has been a fall in its sales figures in the month of April 2020. The domestic sales report has been nil in the previous month of the year compared to March 2020. In March 2020 the Company has of some portion rose in sales. The automobile industry sold two vehicles- MG Hector and MG ZS EV in March 2020. The sale of MG Hector, stood at 1,402 units and 116 units of sale of MG ZS EV in March 2020.

The Company have been expecting to further resume its production at the beginning of May 2020. The company has reinforced to gear up, as to face the situation of Covid-19 impact.

MG Motor India, additionally during this fraction of time, joined to collaborate with A.B. Industries, a leading manufacturer of ventilators. The partnered Auto-makers are working together to forge ahead of its production, Ventilators and also with the intense motive to co-produce ventilator in enhanced quantity. The company are producing with the keen objective, to serve Ventilators in IT Sectors, Hospitals, public places, etc., intervened as a support in the challenging situation. The Company has also estimated its production to rise from 5 times to 300 ventilators per month, and along with also calculated to be double as 1000 ventilators to produce in the second phase of the month.

The Company in the meantime also contributed as a donation, a sum of Rs2 crore to the relief fund for the fight against COVID-19 pandemic in India, 2020. It also brings forward 100 Hector SUVs, providing helping hand for travel purposes, to the warriors of respective hospitals and public places, to keep their vehicles clean and sanitized across the Country.

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