Unleashing Cutting-Edge Luxury: 2024 MG Astor Storms into the Indian Market at an Irresistible Starting Price of Rs. 9.98 Lakh!


The MG Astor is a compact SUV with a five-door body type. The 2024 model is the most affordable compact SUV in the market, starting at Rs 9.98 lakh. Some say the Astor is worth considering for its smooth and comfortable ride, high-quality materials, and robust build quality. 

2024 MG Astor: Elevating Driving Experience with Cutting-Edge Features and Unbeatable Technology

In a groundbreaking announcement, MG India has unveiled the highly anticipated 2024 MG Astor, a technological marvel that redefines the driving experience. Priced attractively at Rs. 9.98 lakh (ex-showroom), the Astor not only captures attention with its affordability but also promises an array of new features, setting a new benchmark in the automotive industry.


The 2024 MG Astor boasts a lineup of five variants: Sprint, Shine, Select, Sharp Pro, and Savvy Pro, each tailored to meet diverse preferences. With the integration of the updated i-Smart 2.0 tech, this SUV seamlessly blends style, comfort, and innovation.

At the forefront of its enhancements are the ventilated front seats, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable ride. Embracing the future of connectivity, the Astor now supports wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, providing a hassle-free and seamless interface for smartphone integration. The addition of a wireless smartphone charger further reinforces the Astor’s commitment to keeping you powered up on the go.

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The interior experience is heightened by the auto-dimming inside rearview mirror, adding a touch of sophistication to the cabin. The technological prowess of the Astor extends to the i-Smart 2.0, featuring a more advanced user interface and over 80 in-car connected features. Among these is the innovative JIO Voice Recognition system, enabling voice commands for a myriad of functions, from weather updates and cricket scores to calculations, clock, date/day information, horoscope, dictionary, news, and knowledge.

Security takes center stage with an anti-theft feature, coupled with digital key functionality that enhances protection even without an internet connection. The user interface experience is further enriched by widget customization on the home screen, offering multiple home pages for a personalized touch. An exclusive birthday wish feature on the head unit, customizable through the i-Smart mobile application, adds a unique and thoughtful touch to the overall driving experience.

Speaking on the launch, Gaurav Gupta, Deputy Managing Director, MG Motor India, said

“We are committed to meeting our customers’ expectations with products that showcase the latest in automobile technology. Keeping to this promise and as a brand celebrating its centenary this year, the Astor 2024 line-up offers a combination of features, design, and great value propositions which delight car buyers.”

The MG Astor is already packed with features such as a personal AI assistant and 14 Level 2 autonomous features powered by mid-range radars and a multi-purpose camera that can realise a series of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) features. The five-seater comes with 49 top-notch safety features and a premium interior with a panoramic sunroof, a large touchscreen infotainment system, automatic climate control, etc.

Here are some specifications for the MG Astor:

  • Engine: 1.4-liter, four-cylinder turbo petrol engine that produces 138 bhp at 5600 rpm and 220 Nm at 3600 rpm.
  • Transmission: Automatic (TC) with six gears, manual override, and sport mode.
  • Drivetrain: FWD.
  • Turbocharger/Supercharger: Turbocharged.
  • Emission Standard: BS6 Phase 2.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 48 liters.
  • Mileage: 14.34 to 15.43 kmpl, depending on the variant and fuel type.
  • Dimensions: 4,323 mm long, 1,809 mm wide, 1,650 mm high, and 2,585 mm wheelbase.
  • Suspension: Front: McPherson Strut, Rear: Torsion Beam.
  • Wheels: 215/60 R16 Steel Wheel.
  • Seat Capacity: 5. 


2024 MG Astor emerges as a beacon of cutting-edge luxury, reshaping the Indian automotive landscape. Priced at an enticing Rs. 9.98 lakh, it offers unparalleled features, from ventilated seats to wireless connectivity. With its advanced technology and affordability, the Astor sets a new standard for excellence, promising an exhilarating driving experience for the discerning Indian consumer.

Disclaimer: The details provided in this article are based on available sources and may not be 100% accurate. The values mentioned are estimations, and actual auction results may vary.


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