Mercedes-Benz V-Class Elegance Driving in Opulent Style: Indian Celebrities Embrace Luxury 2024


For quite some time, the Mercedes V-Class has epitomized a blend of luxury and functionality, making it a preferred choice among celebrities. Amidst their collection of extravagant vehicles, the V-Class serves a distinctive purpose. Essentially, it offers the opportunity for luxurious travel and the versatility to transform the vehicle into a mobile conference room for business meetings or effortlessly transport a larger group of people. There are tons of ultra-modern amenities to offer a feel of being transported around in a house. At the moment, the model is not available in India. We are awaiting the latest generation model.

Hrithik Roshan’s Mercedes V-Class


In a recent post from Auto Hangar, the renowned dealership conveyed birthday wishes to Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan, who, known for his penchant for high-performance vehicles, is a proud owner of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. The dealership, recognized for delivering Mercedes cars to various celebrities, frequently shares these moments on social media. While acknowledging Hrithik’s long-standing ownership of the model, the birthday tribute, accompanied by a throwback image, adds a touch of exclusivity to the celebration. This post not only commemorates the actor’s birthday on January 10 but also captures the enduring allure of luxury on and off the screen.

Urvashi Rautela’s Mercedes V-Class


Taking the second position in the lineup of top Indian celebrities with the Mercedes-Benz V-Class is the glamorous actress, Urvashi Rautela. In a public event captured by paparazzi, Urvashi, accompanied by Jason Derulo, made a grand entrance in a Mercedes. The video footage unveils her arrival at the renowned Akina Restaurant in Mumbai, where she gracefully acknowledged the presence of photographers.

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With a radiant smile, she exchanged cheerful greetings, posed for numerous photographs, and elegantly made her way into the restaurant. This video snippet not only showcases her association with the luxury MPV during this particular event but also highlights her frequent use of the V-Class on various occasions, solidifying her place among the elite celebrities who opt for sophistication on the road.

Sajid Nadiadwala’s Mercedes V-Class


Renowned as one of Bollywood’s foremost producers, Sajid Nadiadwala boasts an impressive collection of luxury automobiles. Despite his array of opulent choices, he has been spotted on numerous occasions opting for the ultra-practical Mercedes-Benz V-Class. In a notable instance, the vigilant lens of the paparazzi captured Sajid Nadiadwala and his wife, Warda Khan, at an airport, arriving in their functional yet luxurious MPV. Stepping out, the couple graciously engaged with the eager paparazzi, exchanging greetings and posing for candid shots before making their way into the airport. This episode not only underlines Nadiadwala’s preference for the V-Class but also showcases how even the most discerning automobile enthusiasts appreciate the blend of functionality and luxury offered by this remarkable vehicle.

Akshay Kumar’s Mercedes V-Class


Renowned as one of the Hindi film industry’s biggest celebrities, Akshay Kumar enjoys a global fan base and is well-known for his disciplined fitness regimen. As one of the country’s wealthiest celebrities, his automobile collection is the epitome of envy. However, our focus here is solely on his choice of the V-Class.

During the promotional activities for his film “Ram Setu,” Akshay Kumar was spotted in the premium Mercedes-Benz V-Class. Accompanied by Nushrratt Bharuccha and Jacqueline Fernandes, the trio made numerous public appearances, showcasing not only the star power of Akshay Kumar but also the luxury and versatility of the V-Class. This episode captures a glimpse of Kumar’s sophisticated taste in automobiles, highlighting how even in the midst of global fame, he chooses the comfort and elegance offered by the V-Class during his high-profile engagements.

Specifications of Mercedes V-Class

The Mercedes V-Class, a former luxury offering in India, has been discontinued. Prior to its departure from the market, it was available with a choice of either a 1.9-liter or a 2.1-liter diesel engine, delivering 161 hp and 380 Nm of peak power and torque in both variants. Power was transmitted to the rear wheels via a 7-speed automatic transmission. With a generous length of 5,140 mm and a spacious wheelbase of 3,430 mm, the V-Class earned a reputation for its exceptional comfort. However, this opulence came at a premium, with the on-road price for the highest trim soaring to a substantial Rs 1.76 Crore, marking the end of an era for this distinguished and well-appointed vehicle in the Indian market.

Disclaimer: The details provided in this article are based on available sources and may not be 100% accurate. The values mentioned are estimations, and actual auction results may vary.


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