Maruti Suzuki Swift Hybrid & Futuro-e Showcased In Auto Expo India


Maruti Suzuki Swift Hybrid

Suzuki Swift Strong Hybrid is already available in the Japan market that showcases the strong hybrid technology which is a part of Suzuki’s global portfolio.
The Strong Hybrid system adopts Suzuki’s unique parallel hybrid system with advanced Li-ion battery technology.

The technology perform various functions of Idle stop, torque assist, regenerative braking, EV running as a combination, to achieve higher fuel efficiency. Maruti Suzuki has taken a leap forward towards electrification by introducing vehicles equipped with smart hybrid technology with an advance dual battery system incorporating Li-ion battery that further enhances the system efficiency.

Futuro e4 Auto Expo India


While not much details are available about this SUV , but expect this to be an all electric. Also reports are that this will take longer than 2-3 years to be launched..

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