Maruti Suzuki record zero sales in the month of April


Coronavirus has affected each and every sector of the country. But the worst affected is the automobile sector. They are not able to open any showroom in the country due to lockdown. All the production process has been stopped. Dealers are in huge loss. 

Automakers are also a tremendous loss from everywhere. All the auto shows have been cancelled or postponed to the next year 2021. This is a very problematic time for everyone related to the automobile sector. Here is one report of Maruti Suzuki about this:

Maruti Suzuki announced today May 1, 2020, that they have registered zero sales in the month of April 2020. It is the effect of country lockdown imposed by the Indian government in order to control the coronavirus outbreak.

The auto dealership and manufacturing plants are closed all over the India due to lockdown.

The company also said that they have transported 632 units through Mundra port. Taking care of all the government safety guidelines.

Majority of the auto plants are shut down from March 20, 2020. The automobile sector is likely to face a revenue loss of Rs 1 lakh crores. This is about 0.5 per cent of the GDP of the India.

Recently, President of Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), Ranjan Wadhera stated that the automobile sector has lost about Rs 2300 crore turnover every day. These all things are due to the lockdown.

Company is trying to maintain its decorum all over the country by providing some help to the government. 

But they have lost very much in the Month of April as they have encountered zero sales.

The company is trying to open the Manesar plant to resume operation in a single shift. This is the first attempt by the company until now.

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