Maruti Suzuki introduces digital platform to bring out product portfolio considering customers safety


The carmakers of Maruti Suzuki announced to open the Showrooms in major towns and cities across the country, after obtaining necessary permission from the local authorities.

Maruti Suzuki has initiated to introduce dealing of cars facilities in a digital format. The team members have deliberated a Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) process of its dealers to ensure hygienic and healthy environment of its showrooms, for the safety of its customers and workers.

Digitally a customer can relevantly book the cars of their choice and preferences, even browse to display the list of cars availability, select according to their preferred style, design, colours, gather price information in the site. The Company has signified the digital technology in fluent norms for customers convenience and safety. It also avails personalize details and purchase transaction along with it customers interests are seen in detailed and responded clearly.

The Carmakers offer attentive services to the customer’s order in regard to the clean and hygiene of the cars. The preferred ones are delivered accordingly to the customers with due care and health-related measures. The company also ensures that while delivering, the service provider follows safety and hygienic rules- like wear masks, gloves and keep social distancing from the customers. The selected ones will be cleaned and sanitized before delivering to the customers.

The Service provider maintains to channelize limited people physically while performing any work inside the showroom. The Company modifies the cars, takes a complete test drive of the cars before consigning it. The test drive will be allowed by an individual along with the manager will sit in the back seat of the car to ensure the safety of the customer before set off.

Maruti Suzuki also analysis the actual health report of its employees through an app. Regularly, the company monitors the health of all employees, through the wellness app and the well-reported employees of at least 14 consecutive days are allowed to join back to work. The Company also operated a training facility of its dealers across the Country for generating safety of its employees and customers.
There has been proper guidelines followed by the company and evaluate the strategy in this crisis.

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