Mahindra Tractors Sells report August 2017 in India

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Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES), a part of the USD 19 billion Mahindra Group, today announced its tractor sales numbers for August 2017.

Domestic sales in August 2017 were at 15,246 units, as against 12,327 units during August 2016. Total tractor sales (domestic + exports) during August 2017 were at 16,516 units, as against 13,543 units for the same period last year. Exports for the month stood at 1,270 units.

                                                             FARM EQUIPMENT SECTOR

                                             Aug                                                          Cumulative Aug

                                      F17             F18      {3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}Change                            F17                  F18             {3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}Change

Domestic                        12327      15246       24{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}                                 100428            114106            14{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}

Exports                           1216         1270        4.00{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}                               5263                  5775             10{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}

Total                                13543       16516        22{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}                               105691            119881            13{3eb5ecf1d2f2ded33f3402e23daa92fa26040127f98c5698cfa7c8d6059cbb24}

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