Lockdown badly affects auto sales, French car market falls by 88.8%

French automobile market

All of the markets around the world are affected by the lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. But the worst affected zone is the automobile sector. They have lost billions of dollars in this extraordinary time. Here are some of the report of the French market.

The news from Paris car sales that in France car sales plunged 88.8 percent in the month of April. As the coronavirus outbreak has brought a stoppage to the auto sales, industry figures showed on May 1, 2020.

The drop was very much steeper than the 72 % decrease seen in the month of April. This is the time when all non-essential business closed from March 17 due to the spread of coronavirus.

In the month of April, fewer than 21,000 new registrations were counted.In that registrations, 17,000 we’re for cars made by Renault and PSA, those are France’s two big automobile companies.

The two companies, Renault and PSA have done slightly better than their foreign competitors. It dropped about 84.3 and 83.8 percent. 

Francois Roudier, spokesperson for the CCFA stated that ” there were some deliveries and some car registrations which contained some of the companies, Renault and PSA, medical staff and government workers have been paid for their cars”. 

He further stated that there will be a recovery plan that will determine the position of the market this year.

These unknowns contain the financial health of the dealers. The dealers are worst affected by this coronavirus. As the lockdown has closed all the showrooms. And there is no sale of vehicles.This is the report during the last week of April.

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