Lamborghini’s Unusual Move: Why Speed Isn’t Everything


Performance in the supercar world has traditionally been associated with quick acceleration and lightning-fast lap times. But Lamborghini is about to refute this common thinking with a new viewpoint that puts driving enjoyment and emotional connection above simple speed numbers. Roven Mohr, the Chief Technical Officer of the company, revealed information in an insightful interview that suggests a revolutionary strategy for the venerable company.


Lamborghini: An Era of Dominance by Speed

The automobile industry has been fascinated by the quest for speed for many years. The 0–60 mph time became a standard for evaluating a car’s performance, transforming driving into an acceleration race. Supercars resemble high-tech machines rather than soulful automobiles since they were designed with cutting-edge technology to cut milliseconds off their timings. Because of this unwavering emphasis on speed, driving exhilaration was frequently reduced to figures on a spec sheet.

We are a brand that provides an experience, as Mohr noted. Mobility from A to B is not something we provide. It’s not like anyone needs a Lamborghini. In the automobile, we have to create “want” with excitement. There are certain vehicles on the market that are so overly complex that they lack feeling. The best possible exhilaration is what we aim for.” This declaration emphasises the brand’s dedication to fostering a driver-car relationship that goes beyond performance measurements.

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Redefining the Pleasure of Driving

Lamborghini has deviated significantly from industry norms by focusing less on acceleration times. Mohr expounded, saying, “Other factors define character. We have some great ideas, I think. We want to present our ideas within the next year or two. That is not even close to your acceleration time from 0 to 62 mph. That doesn’t make for enjoyable reading.” The foundation of the company’s new concept is this reinterpretation of what constitutes a fun automobile to drive.

These kinds of stats are becoming less and less remarkable for sports vehicles in a time when even family sedans can reach 0-60 speeds in under two seconds. Lamborghini understands that an all-encompassing driving experience that stimulates the senses and arouses emotion is the key to genuinely enjoying driving. Lamborghini strives to build vehicles that are not only incredibly quick but also incredibly pleasurable to drive by emphasising the whole driving experience.

Electrified Future of Lamborghini

Lamborghini’s future models will include this new mindset as it enters the electrification age. The Revuelto is the brand’s first hybrid vehicle, a production supercar that combines classic performance with cutting-edge economy. In the future, Lamborghini intends to release an all-electric version of the 2+2 grand tourer Lanzador, which is scheduled for release in 2028.

Mohr has a clear vision for Lamborghini’s electric future: “We in the car industry need to reinvent the characteristics that define a car.” The following generation will gradually come to define cool in other ways. Young people will eventually grow to comprehend the allure of an ICE manual sports vehicle.” With this forward-thinking strategy, Lamborghini will continue to be fascinating and relevant even as the automotive industry changes.

A Novel Measure of Excitation

It’s not only about following industry trends with the shift to electrification and a redefined driving experience—it’s also about establishing new benchmarks. Because to Lamborghini’s dedication to innovation, new frontiers in vehicle performance and design are being explored. For example, the company is eager to develop new methods of delivering the “fizz” that was previously only found in the sound of an internal combustion engine and the tactile feel of a manual gearbox in electric vehicles.

According to Mohr’s observations, Lamborghini is prepared to explore hitherto unexplored avenues. This might include innovative driving dynamics, design concepts, and technology that reimagine what makes an automobile thrilling. The objective is to build exciting cars.

What’s Next for Lamborghini ?

Lamborghini is only now embarking on its quest to redefine driving exhilaration. The company is setting the stage for a time when performance will be determined by factors more than just speed with hybrid vehicles like the Revuelto and the soon-to-be all-electric Lanzador. According to Mohr’s observations, Lamborghini is poised to spearhead this change by providing drivers with vehicles that are exhilarating, emotionally captivating, and exceptionally enjoyable to drive.

The automobile industry waits with expectation as Lamborghini keeps coming up with fresh ideas and innovations. The company will continue to be a leader in the sector because of its dedication to providing an experience rather than merely a means of transportation. By concentrating on the things that actually make driving a car fun, Lamborghini is poised to transform the supercar experience for years to come.


In the realm of supercars, Lamborghini’s daring move away from a singular emphasis on 0–60 times is noteworthy. Lamborghini is rethinking what makes driving an automobile exciting by placing a premium on emotional connection and driving thrills. As the brand enters the era of electrification, it keeps innovating and establishing new benchmarks for the sector. Lamborghini is committed to producing one-of-a-kind, exhilarating driving experiences, which guarantees that its vehicles will be exciting and sought-after for many years to come.

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