Lamborghini Urus India’s Premier Rs 4.22 Crore, the Co-founder of an Rs 8000 Crore Empire showcases success


Lamborghini Urus For nearly two decades, the co-founder of the renowned Indian online travel company harbored a dreamed of owning it

Owning expensive, luxury cars is on the bucket list of many ambitious go-getters. For a young Indian man, who we’re going to deep dive into below, owning a Lamborghini, in particular, was a 19-year dream in the making, which he achieved quite achieved.

Lamborghini urus

Meet the Visionary Trailblazer: Rikant Pitti

Rikant Pitti serves as the co-owner of EaseMyTrip, positioned as India’s second-largest online travel company. Commencing their entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 16, Rikant and his brothers Nishant Pitti, known for co-producing films such as Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi and Madaari, along with Prashant Pitti, laid the foundation for EaseMyTrip in 2008. Despite encountering early challenges, the Pitti Brothers’ unwavering dedication bore fruit. Mint reports that in March 2021, EaseMyTrip went public, and by September of the same year, it ascended to unicorn status, crossing a remarkable market capitalization of $1 billion, as highlighted by The Economic Times.

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Taking to LinkedIn, Rikant Pitti revealed in a lengthy post that he’ now owns India’s first Lamborghini Urus Performante in verde viper (special green) colour. He bought the car on September 24, 2023. According to CarWale, the luxury SUV is worth Rs 4.22 crore. Sharing a photo of his swanky new purchase, Rikant wrote on LinkedIn,
“On a personal note, for 19 years, I dreamt of having a Lamborghini. In 2021, I could have had it, but with COVID-19 affecting the world, I chose to help others. I donated oxygen concentrators to many NGOs and hospitals. But good things come to those who wait. Just yesterday, I got my dream car, a Lamborghini Urus Performante. It’s the first in India and shines in a special green color called verde viper. But this story isn’t just about a fancy car. It’s about never giving up, making dreams come true, and the power of hard work.”

The Lamborghini Urus a Symphony of Power, Prestige, and Pinnacle Performance.

The Lamborghini Urus Capsule has emerged as the epitome of luxury, captivating a prominent fanbase among India’s elite. Renowned figures such as billionaires Mukesh Ambani and Adar Poonawalla, alongside Bollywood powerhouses like Ranveer Singh and Kartik Aaryan, have all joined the league of aficionados for this high-performance SUV. Notably, Jr NTR secured the distinction of acquiring India’s inaugural Lamborghini Urus Graphite Capsule.

The allure of the Lamborghini Urus Capsule extends beyond the film and business fraternity, as the legendary actor Rajinikanth and acclaimed director Rohit Shetty have also indulged in the opulence, each investing in a Lamborghini Urus Capsule valued at over Rs 3 crore. This fervor for the Lamborghini Urus Capsule reflects not only a penchant for luxury but also a symbol of status and automotive excellence embraced by India’s most influential personalities.


The Lamborghini Urus Capsule, a pinnacle of luxury and power, has captivated icons like Rikant Pitti. As the co-owner of EaseMyTrip, Rikant Pitti demonstrates visionary leadership, propelling the company to remarkable success. The Urus, with its sleek design and formidable performance, symbolizes automotive excellence, drawing admiration from celebrities and billionaires across India. Rikant Pitti and the Lamborghini Urus collectively embody a fusion of opulence, success, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, both on the road and in the business realm.

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