Jaguar Land Rover files patent for a car that predicts weather and adapts accordingly


Cars are getting modern and automated. Vehicles today can help you navigate, find its own way, detect when you text and drive and automatically drive itself. Now, the cars could also act as mobile meteorological stations and detect weather and take actions accordingly.

Jaguar Land Rover, as per a patent application it filed, is developing a technology which will shut or open sunroof, automatically close windows or turn on the heating by detecting the change in weather. Not just that, adjustments would be made with safety features of the cars like brakes, traction control and windscreen wiper settings as per the data received.

The technology being developed will use a suite of air pressure, humidity and light sensor (which are already present in modern days cars) to predict and detect the change in the weather. It will also receive information from GPS and determine if there are likely weather changes along the route. Such technology could be very useful in mountainous regions where weather changes quickly.

The patent said: “The forecast may be a forecast of the likelihood of rain. The forecast may indicate whether there is a predetermined likelihood of the one or more weather conditions, such as rain, within a predetermined period of time, such as 5 minutes, although it will be realised that other time periods may be used.”

“The vehicle may advantageously adapt to the local weather conditions,” it added.

According to the patent filed, the weather prediction of a JLR car can be better than the Meteorological department as it will have access to local conditions.

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