Launching the Ferrari 12Cilindri: A Synergy of Innovation, Power, and Style


With the release of their newest model, the Ferrari 12Cilindri, Ferrari – the pinnacle of automotive perfection—has once again won over aficionados all over the world. This work of art, which was revealed in front of Miami Beach, is a genuine celebration of Ferrari’s illustrious past and steadfast dedication to pushing the limits of automobile innovation.

Living Up to Ferrari’s Tradition

The mid-front, naturally aspirated V12 engine of the 12Cilindri is a tribute to the company’s illustrious Grand Tourers from the 1950s and 1960s. This powerhouse, which produces 830 cv at 9500 rpm, guarantees the thrilling performance that has come to be associated with the Prancing Horse.

Design: An Integration of Shape and Purpose

Ferrari’s quest for perfection is evident in the design of the 12Cilindri. Every curve and contour of this masterpiece, created under the direction of Flavio Manzoni and the Ferrari Styling Centre, is painstakingly designed to strike the ideal balance between aerodynamics and beauty. Every element, from the powerful rear wing to the streamlined, sculpted bonnet, has a function and enhances the vehicle’s appearance and performance.

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Under the Hood Innovations

Its sophisticated façade conceals a plethora of cutting-edge innovations designed to improve performance and drive dynamics. The eight-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) offers blazing-fast gear changes, while the Aspirated Torque Shaping (ATS) technology guarantees smooth power delivery. When paired with Ferrari’s in-house Vehicle Dynamics and Chassis systems, which include four-wheel independent steering (4WS) and Side Slip Control (SSC) 8.0, the 12Cilindri provides unmatched road agility and accuracy.

Redefining Luxury: The Cockpit

The cockpit of the Ferrari 12Cilindri greets you as soon as you step inside and perfectly combines elegance and technology. For both the driver and the passenger, the dual-cockpit architecture—which draws inspiration from Ferrari’s racing history—offers an immersive driving experience. Modern infotainment technologies, fine craftsmanship, and premium materials guarantee that every trip is as comfortable as it is thrilling.

The Ferrari Heritage Persists

Maranello confirms its standing as a leader in automotive excellence with the Ferrari 12Cilindri. Decades of engineering know-how and an unwavering quest for perfection have gone into creating this most recent masterpiece, which not only pays homage to Ferrari’s illustrious past but also establishes new benchmarks for performance, style, and innovation.

Discover the Legend car of Ferrari

Drive like never before with the Ferrari 12Cilindri, a masterpiece designed to raise the bar for automotive performance. This legendary car brilliantly combines traditional beauty with modern innovation, making it suitable for enthusiasts as well as connoisseurs. Ferrari’s 12Cilindri never fails to enthral with its unmatched elegance and thrilling performance, whether you’re using it to dominate the racetrack or gliding through urban streets. This classic is a work of art in terms of sophistication and refinement, from its sleek outer lines to its finely wrought inside.

With its unveiling against the background of Miami Beach, the Ferrari 12Cilindri personifies the unwavering quest of perfection that has characterised the renowned Italian brand for more than 70 years. The mid-front-mounted, naturally-aspirated V12 engine of this automotive technical marvel produces an incredible 830 cv and a maximum rev of 9500 rpm, making for an unparalleled driving experience. Its whole external appearance, from the sculptural lines to the finely detailed cockpit, radiates a feeling of sophistication and refinement that is characteristic of the Prancing Horse.


To sum up, the Ferrari 12Cilindri is proof of the company’s ongoing dedication to luxury, performance, and innovation. Every aspect of this remarkable vehicle, from its potent V12 engine to its painstakingly designed exterior, embodies the enthusiasm and commitment of Maranello’s artisans. The 12Cilindri delivers an incredibly thrilling driving experience whether navigating through twisting mountain routes or cruising along the shore.

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