Hyundai Mobis – Jubilant and Limitless Possibilities, a New Era in Electric Mobility 2024


The Mobion demonstrates innovative capabilities that reimagines movement never seen before in a vehicle, including lateral and diagonal motion, as well as stationary pivot turns. 

Hyundai Mobis Unveils Mobion EV: Revolutionizing Vehicle Manoeuvrability with e-Corner System

Hyundai Mobis, a globally recognized automotive supplier, has unveiled its groundbreaking ‘Mobion’ electric vehicle (EV) at CES 2024, introducing the revolutionary ‘e-corner system’ motion technology. This marks a significant leap forward in vehicle manoeuvrability, showcasing innovative capabilities such as lateral and diagonal motion, along with stationary pivot turns.

Lee Seung-Hwan, Vice President and Head of Advanced Engineering at Hyundai Mobis, emphasized the Mobion’s role as the embodiment of the company’s core technologies, ready for immediate mass production. The vehicle’s four wheels, individually controlled for sideways movement, diagonal driving, and pivot turns, are powered by the cutting-edge ‘In-Wheel’ technology at the heart of the e-corner system.


Innovation in Motion: Hyundai Mobis Introduces the Dynamic ‘Mobion’ Electric Vehicle

Lee Young-kook, VP and Head of Electrification Lab at Hyundai Mobis, highlighted the unique ‘In-Wheel’ technology, which involves placing four small motors inside each wheel, allowing independent power generation for each wheel. This innovative configuration sets Mobion apart from traditional EVs with a single large driving motor, enhancing its dynamic capabilities.

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The e-corner system integrates braking, steering, and suspension functions seamlessly into the in-wheel setup, showcasing advanced control technology that harmonizes these critical functions. Hyundai conducted successful on-road tests in 2023, marking a global first for the system’s driving capabilities.

Beyond the Road: Hyundai Mobis’ Mobion EV – A Showcase of Cutting-Edge Technologies

Mobion extends its innovation beyond motion technology, featuring autonomous driving sensor and lamp technologies. Three light detection and ranging (LiDAR) devices are strategically incorporated, enhancing lateral movement recognition and object detection during manoeuvres. A novel ‘Exterior Lighting’ lamp, accompanied by various display functions, utilizes short-distance LiDAR to convey valuable information, such as indicating pedestrian crossing directions at intersections. Furthermore, Mobion introduces a ‘Ground Projection’ feature, complementing the e-corner system’s movement capabilities.

This innovative technology illuminates the vehicle’s direction on the ground, using a 360-degree spectrum of lights, particularly useful during diagonal or lateral movement. Notably, Mobion can leverage Ground Projection to generate crosswalk stripes, enhancing pedestrian safety by providing visible cues during detection. Hyundai Mobis continues to push the boundaries of automotive technology, ushering in a new era of dynamic and safety-enhanced electric vehicles with the Mobion.

Is hyundai mobis and hyundai same company?

Yes, Hyundai Mobis is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group. Hyundai Mobis is a South Korean car parts company that supplies parts and services to Hyundai Motor Company, Genesis Motors, and Kia Motors. 


Hyundai Mobis was founded in 1977 as Hyundai Precision & Industries Corporation. The company previously produced rail cars and military supplies, but now specializes in auto parts. Hyundai Mobis is one of the world’s largest parts-affiliated suppliers. 

Hyundai Mobis is also an official partner of Hyundai Motors in India and globally. Hyundai IN started operations in 2007 as an automotive parts manufacturer in India. 


In conclusion, the unveiling of Hyundai Mobis’ Mobion EV stands as a watershed moment in the automotive industry, igniting a revolution in vehicle manoeuvrability. The incorporation of the groundbreaking ‘e-corner system’ motion technology represents a significant leap forward, showcasing innovative capabilities that redefine the dynamics of electric vehicles.

Under the visionary leadership of Lee Seung-Hwan, Vice President and Head of Advanced Engineering at Hyundai Mobis, the Mobion EV emerges as the embodiment of the company’s core technologies, poised for immediate mass production. The four individually controlled wheels, powered by the cutting-edge ‘In-Wheel’ technology, distinguishs from traditional EVs, enhancing its manoeuvrability with lateral and diagonal motion, as well as stationary pivot turns.

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