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Hyundai Motor Company Limited
Hyundai Motor Company Limited
Hyundai Motor Company Limited
Hyundai Motor Company Limited

Hyundai India June 2013 Sales

India’s second largest car manufacturer, Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) reported that it June 2013 sales grew by appproximately 1 percent compared to last year.

Rakesh Srivastava, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Hyundai Motor India Limited said

“In these challenging times of industry degrowth, Hyundai has grown in volumes and market share on the strength of a strong product portfolio and customer focus of its channel partners.”

Hyundai Motor India LimitedSales June 2012 Sales June 2013 Sales
Domestic 30,450 30,610
Exports 23,904 24,057
Cumulative 54,354 54,667


Hyundai Australia June 2013 Sales

  • Small Cars [less than $40,000] : Hyundai ranked first with combined sales of i30 (3,664 units) and Elantra (934 units) totalling 4,598 vehicles sold
  • A Total of 2,225 units of ix35 were sold
  • ix35 is No.1 best selling SUV
  • Sports Car- 367 units of Veloster were sold
  • Light Cars <$25k: Hyundai ranked second with combined sales of Accent (318 units) and i20 (1,367 units) totalling 1,685 vehicles sold
  • 180 units of iLoad were sold
  • Hyundai i30 hatch/Elantra sedan sales numbered 4,598 units for June

Damien Meredith, Hyundai Motor Company Australia Sales Director said

“Hyundai has sold more vehicles in the first six months of 2013 than we did in all of 2008. This is not only a reflection on the strength of the product, but a great credit to our sales and marketing teams and our national dealer network. Continued sustained and measured growth will hold us in good stead as we enter a challenging second half of 2013.”

Hyundai America June 2013 Sales

Hyundai Motor America has reported that it has managed to sell 65,007 units of its vehicles in June 2013.

Dave Zuchowski, executive vice president of national sales said

“June was another record-breaking sales month for us in what has been a strong first half of the year.We clearly felt the impact of the summer selling surge and our improved availability of award-winning vehicles was perfectly timed. Important third-party accolades, such as Genesis taking J.D. Power’s trophy for highest initial quality in the midsize premium car segment and the all-new Santa Fe being named Automobile Magazine’s Family Crossover for 2013, also continue to build strong momentum for our brand.”

John Krafcik, president and CEO of Hyundai Motor America said

“With all of our plants continuing to operate at maximum capacity, sales of the U.S.-built Elantra soared 26 percent over June 2012.Our Hyundai Assurance Connected Care program, now free for three years on most Hyundai models, continues to draw customers to our website and showrooms.”

CAR JUNE/2013 JUNE/2012
ACCENT 5,237 5,660
SONATA 19,454 20,931
ELANTRA 22,163 17,655
SANTA FE 7,656 6,703
AZERA 813 1,001
TUCSON 3,800 4,231
VELOSTER 2,741 3,232
GENESIS 2,938 3,374
EQUUS 195 355
TOTAL 65,007 63,813


Hyundai Global Sales

Hyundai Motor Company, has managed to sell 404,368 units of its vehicles globally in June 2013 compared to 373,675 units in June 2012

June 2013 Sales

Jun-13 Y-o-Y Jun-12
Passenger Cars 28,463 -10.5% 31,805
SUVs 13,515 -0.1% 13,526
Commercial Vehicles [include buses and trucks] 13,570 -5.6% 14,380
Total 55,548 -7.0%  59,711
Exports 109,120 -6.9% 117,222
Overseas Plants 239,700 21.8% 196,742
Total 348,820 11.1% 313,964
Global Sales Total 404,368 8.2% 373,675

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