Honda initiates Preliminary launch of new WR-V model, readjusted amid COVID-19|India


The leading manufacturer automotive Industry, Honda Cars India Limited, has been introducing new initiatives to forge ahead its Cars Production globally. The auto-industry has 331 dealership outlets across 121 cities in 20 states.

The Company announced to pre-launch on the booking facilities of its upcoming new WR-V models in India. The formerly style, has been designed bold in exterior and premium interior-consisting of advance LED Package. The new WR-V will supply power through BS-VI compliance of both Petrol and diesel fuel. The Company has also authorized to its dealers that the new WR-V can be Pre-booked earlier with an amount of Rs 21000 all around.

Mr Rajesh Goel, SVP & Director of the Company stated” We are glad to open the bookings for the new WR-V which will go on sale later this month. We are confident that the model’s bolder new looks, stylish LED Package & Premium interior will appeal to our discerning customers who are looking for status, comfort and have an active lifestyle”.

The new Honda has been rescheduling, to set an initiative product so that it attracts new customers ahead and evaluates the complete product in the market once it opened.
In the start of the month,2020, the Honda India Foundation and group contributed a sum of Rs 11 crore towards the aid for relief and safety measures against the coronavirus.

Honda Car Company has contributed and distributing 2000 units of “Honda Engine Powered High-Pressure Backpack Sprays”, to the warriors and agencies of Government to fight against COVID-19. The company’s Sprays are used to disinfectant and purification in hospitals, public sector, Airports, Public canteens etc. The sprays are actively being used for safeguarding the society ahead.
Meanwhile, the Company has been cooperating with the government segments, to minimize the spread of the virus and fight against it. It also has been providing ambulance services all around to government agents and supporting the meals to the poorer sections of the society in India.
Furthermore, the Company’s group are voluntarily serving food and donating one day’s salary to the relief aid. The company is performing keenly with the motive to eliminate the coronavirus and take safety precautions thereto.

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