Hero MotoCorp Presents the Surge S32: A Futuristic 2-in-1 Electric Vehicle That Will Revolutionise Urban Commuting


Hero MotoCorp’s Surge startup has introduced the Surge S32, a marvel in the realm of electric vehicles (EVs), in a move that is unprecedented and reflects the futuristic allure of superhero technology. Hero MotoCorp, a well-known brand in the Indian two-wheeler industry, keeps pushing the envelope of innovation with its most recent product. With a smooth three-to-two-wheel changeover time of under three minutes, the Surge S32 is more than just an electric car—it’s a flexible, transformational solution tailored to meet the many demands of urban commuters.

Hero Surge S32

Hero MotoCorp is a well-known brand in the Indian automobile sector that has always been associated with dependability and innovation. Hero has a long and illustrious history of providing automobiles that meet the demands of a constantly changing market. Hero’s dedication to expanding the realm of what’s feasible in the electric mobility domain is demonstrated by the Surge S32.

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Hero Surge S32: An Overview of Urban Mobility’s Future

Design and influence: The Surge S32 is a jaw-dropping fusion of creativity and superior design, drawing influence from the classic Batmobile. At first glance, the automobile seems like a typical three-wheeled electric freight vehicle. It has standard elements like headlights, turn signals, a front passenger compartment with a windscreen, and windscreen wipers. The pattern honours those who bravely traverse crowded metropolitan streets.

Transformative Capability: The Surge S32’s capacity to switch between a three-wheeled and a two-wheeled scooter with the touch of a button is what makes it unique. The front windscreen raises vertically in a twist reminiscent of a movie, revealing an electric scooter within. Suddenly, the cabin is transformed by a spring-loaded double-stand system that releases the electric scooter for individual commuting.

Versatility for Urban Commuters: Hero MotoCorp wants to provide riders with an effective and adaptable transportation option with a focus on urban commuters. The Surge S32 is a class-shifting vehicle that may be used for both personal and professional purposes, not simply for commuting. Hero aims to improve consumers’ earning potential and general quality of life by providing a single vehicle that can be used as both an electric scooter and an electric rickshaw.

Smart electricity Distribution: The Surge S32 splits its battery and electricity between the scooter and the three-wheeler in a clever manner. The scooter has an engine rated at 3 kW (4 bhp), while the three-wheeler has a powerful 10 kW (13.4 bhp) engine. This well-considered distribution fulfils a variety of tastes while ensuring peak performance and efficiency.

Exposing the Specifications & Technical Details

Power-packed Performance: The Surge S32 has a powerful performance, with its two-wheeler producing 4 bhp and its three-wheeler producing an amazing 13.4 horsepower. With its two engines, this configuration meets the demands of both personal transportation on the electric scooter and cargo transportation on the three-wheeler.

Hero Surge S23

Battery Technology: Neither endurance nor range are sacrificed with the Surge S32. With its 11 kWh battery, the three-wheeler has a significant range for prolonged use. However, the scooter has a large 3.5 kWh battery that offers enough power for city commutes. This clever battery arrangement maximises weight and boosts total range.

Variable Speed Capabilities: The Surge S32 accommodates a range of preferences with a top speed of 50 km/h for the three-wheeler and a slightly quicker 60 km/h for the scooter. The Surge S32 is a flexible option that may be used for both personal transportation and freight transit in crowded metropolitan areas.

Hero Surge S32: Creating the Urban Mobility of the Future

Creative Architecture for Urban Fighters: The Surge S32 is more than simply a car; it’s a representation of creativity made for actual combatants. The smooth transition between an electric scooter and an electric rickshaw reflects how urban living today can change a person. With the changing urban scene, the Surge S32 appears as a trailblazing answer to commuters’ ever-changing requirements.

Hero’s dedication to Sustainability: Hero MotoCorp’s startup, Surge, demonstrates a dedication to environmentally friendly and sustainable urban mobility solutions. With the Surge S32, a clean and effective daily commuter option, cities may take a step towards lowering their carbon impact.


Within the dynamic field of urban transportation, Hero MotoCorp’s Surge S32 is a shining example of innovation. It’s a transforming experience rather than just a vehicle. With its smooth transition between courses, the Surge S32 completely changes our perception of what it means to commute every day. Hero MotoCorp is once again setting the standard for electric mobility by creating a product that appeals to the imagination and meets the practical demands of city dwellers.

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