Hero Motocorp partners with Telangana police to foster womwn empowerment and presents more than 150 new hero scooters to women police officers of “SHETEAM”

Hero MotoCorp Ltd, the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, today presented more than 150 new Hero scooters to the women police officers of Telangana Police department.

Equipped with sirens, traffic lights and PA systems, the Hero scooters will empower women police officers and allow them to conveniently perform their patrolling duties. The Hero scooters were presented to the women police officers that are part of the special ‘SHETEAM’. An all women force set-up to enhance the safety of women in the city

Hero MotoCorp has adopted Traffic Parks at Hyderabad, Gurugram, Delhi, Rourkela, Lucknow and Nagpur, which are equipped with Riding Simulators and other state-ofthe-art facilities, where Road Safety awareness programs are conducted regularly for school and college students and other institutions in partnership with the local Traffic Police.

Hero MotoCorp also runs a Student Police Cadets (SPC) program in association with the Haryana Police, which has been a resounding success since its inception. Students from 50 schools in Gurugram are enrolled in multiple planned activities to inculcate sensibilities such as respect for law and community skills in their personalities. This programme instils social values in the students, while providing them with physical fitness training.

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