Here are some of the details of the upcoming supercar from BMW!!

The BMW i8 sports car may have discontinued but the automobile company is looking for a successor. It will be far more powerful and muscular than its predecessor. Drivers have a new report of the launch date of the vehicle and they are also claiming several developments.

The official name is yet to be decided but a running title is i8 M. It is not sure that BMW will take that name or not. If we look at the style of last year’s Vision M next concept. Its design is taken from the iconic M1. It is the early preview of the new car that you can expect to see. But the original carbon is always different from the concept of car design. The overall shape and design directions will be the same.

According to the news out there, the new supercar will have a plug-in hybrid powertrain instead of going all-electric. It will also have a turbocharged gasoline engine which will be paired with the electrified front axle. An electric motor will also be there which will drive the rear wheels. You will be looking at a 600 horsepower.

It is obvious that the battery will be powerful to give it a strength to go 60 miles on pure electric power between charges. In comparison with the i8, it has only rated 15 miles of all-electric charge.

The company is also working on the weight of the car, as lightweight is also sometimes critical to handle. The supercar will still incorporate plenty of lightweight materials. It can cost around $160,000, or roughly the price of the i8 Roadster. This is just a decent guess.

You will not expect this vehicle to unite by 2023. So you have to wait for it.

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